It’s December again. It is Christmas time again. It is the time when we all in some way think of the year just ending and make some presumptions about what is likely to manifest in the upcoming twelve months. It seems the older one gets the end of year’s reflection and resolves made within oneself takes on a more sombre meaning rather than the plurile bubbly ones of yesteryear.

There are more complicated challenges and interlocking issues of day-to-day living affecting all of us these days. The once largely unknown and hard-to-explore world has been made quite familiar as the back of our hands because of the presence of our technologically fueled social hubs and instant sharing of daily living experiences. Even governments and decision makers have lost much of their abilities to filter and control information flow to the man on the street. Our overseas relatives are often the ones these days telling us about events happening right across the streets from us. Such is the progress of the information highway.

The financial playoffs from the global economies continue to reduce the spending power of our wallets and this makes for little end of year joy around many  a dining table. Once again, people have to learn to return to some for m of subsistence livelihood just to keep the table supplied with the daily bread. A young and upcoming generation, fresh out of some graduating class, longs with futility for a job befitting its sacrificially invested education. And no matter how the consumers spend, marketer, managers and ministers of government all claim that business now is not looking too bright.

So the end of year, every year, positions all of us at a pivotal crossroad in the journey of our lives. Where do we go from here? Where do you, dear reader, go from here? The unknown future has been carved by destiny; however, each of us must know how to listen to that spiritual feed and wisely respond to its beckoning if we are to line ourselves up for success in 2013 and beyond. The insight of our Creator and planner of the future is the only key that can successfully open up the way for each of us. So get to build your relationship with your God and His Son, your only best friend and Redeemer, Jesus the Christ. After all, it is for Him we celebrate this season. I know you thought it was Santa Clause’s season, but that is as erroneous as the facades can get.

A reality that often rigs within me is that every year I am sadly mindful that last Old Year’s Day and New Year’s Day there were people who were celebrating and they are no more at this present time. Similarly, there are those of us who are celebrating the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 but we will not be alive on this earth at this time next year. So each of us should be cautiously sensitive and know who, what and why we are celebrating at year’s end