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There are few super heroes known around the world. All of them are white people. Think of Superman, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, Hulk and the Fantastic Four. Well, there is a super hero now who is a black skin person.

Since Spiderman was introduced to the world though  Marvel Comics he has always been Peter Parker, a white young man, bitten by a rare spider and so evolved into the web-throwing hero. But Marvel Comics have killed Peter in the last season edition of Spiderman. And now the character is owned by Miles Morales a real creole offspring of the latino and African interconnection.

Marvel comics announced that the change in the identity of Spiderman is to reflect the change in the real world where the black and other minority groups are growing in numbers and occupying offices of high decision-making. No doubt, the 2008 election of Barack Obama has helped to fashion this decision.

But the decision is being met with a mixture of acceptance and rejection, with  some racial disapproval in between. Some Spiderman fans think that the sales of the Spiderman series will start to wane because of a black person playing the hero. Others seem willing to go along with the decision in the interest of cultural diversity and equal power sharing.

Everyone will now be looking to Hollywood to see which actor will be wearing the mask of Spiderman in the next movie. Toby McGuire has played the role in the movies within recent years.

Miles Morales, the new Spiderman



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