I have been more than baffled over the years how the “civilized” world just seems to whimper and retreat like a frightened dog whenever The Islamic world gets myopically upset at some ant-Islamic development.

The most recent tirade and Islamic tantrum is because of a mere fourteen minute video shown on You Tube.

Apparently, that video, because it originated in the USA, led to the death of a US diplomat in Libya a few days ago. Other fiery protests have been going on in other Muslim territories.

But now a cabinet minister in Pakistan has openly offered a bounty reward for the killing of the American film maker. This is an inexplicably regrettable high point in international relations and the acknowledgement of common sense.

Almost every day, somebody somewhere utters or communicates some displeasing comment about all major world religions, but the Muslims seem hooked by an irremovable barb which drags them helplessly to the cliffs of religious intolerance, murder and mere hatred for other human beings.

indeed, it is my opinion if their “holy Prophet” is offended then Allah and that prophet would have been naturally fitted to exact their own justice. the real and living God does not need to ignite bands of suicidal cabals to defend his cause and reputation.

I suspect that the Muslims are never going to be at rest from their protests, murders and eager human threats because every entity under the sun will always have its critics—no matter what.

But a most vexing irony is that Muslims are quick to call other religious followers “infidels” and other less than honourable names. Sometimes I believe that sanctions should not just be imposed on governments and people who are threatening military rebellion but religious intolerance which breeds senseless and avoidable deaths beckon similar impositions of said sanctions.



Pakistani bounty placed on anti-Islam filmmaker | Reuters