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The magic of the holidays are once again fading as another new year gets lost deeper in the 2017 calendar. Someone commented on cable television that if only the celebratory mood, goodwill, carefree hours and ample food and drinks could last all year round. That is synonymous with the writer who penned the wish that every day should be Christmas Day.

Well, the reality is that every day is not a holiday. I suppose the last week in December and the first week in January are the days when the inner urge to believe in the empowerment of self through resolutions is at its strongest. But soon after the public holiday of January 1, and the world seems to disembark from the fantasy of best wishes and peaceful co-existence that it fights so contagiously to create each year, the dreariness and  imperfections of the human culture once again nibble away at your consciousness. Who knows, maybe some people who dislike the holidays, or who don’t celebrate them, do so for this very reason: they believe in their simple wisdom of  not giving themselves an end of year “high” only to have to jump off to a crashing low on January 2nd. Prevention is always better than cure, isn’t that so?

But a fundamental challenge still exists. How do you brace yourself to face the onslaught of the upcoming twelve months? Can the good intentions of those new year’s resolutions carry their weight? Unfortunately, we all know that by the time February slips around many of us are already soiled and buffed by daily work and personal activities that we unconsciously laugh at ourselves for having been foolish enough to having adopted a “new year new you” philosophy.

Is it really a waste of time to try to change ourselves or our lifestyles at the beginning of the year? Are such yearly ambitions doomed to failure, a mere reshuffling of the chairs on the deck of the Titanic?

I suggest that the problem is we tend to put faith in the calendar time period of the holidays as well as the human camouflage of a purposefully feel-good campaign of goodwill to all men. When we do that, we miss a universal truth which whispers in our ears every day of the year. The power to change is always present in every human being. Our failure is that we marginalize and trivialize the key ingredient of our will power.

Think about it. Don’t you make decisions during the rest of the year? Don’t you follow through with these decisions which result in necessary change and betterment of your living conditions? Those decisions are impactful because we determined in ourselves not to deviate from them. We make up our minds that we will not falter.

Similarly, life changing decisions can be made at the end or the start of any year. We just have to make sure that the decisions are being made, not on the man-made high of the fairy tale holiday season, but on our own desire for really being different and wanting a better existence. If we truly look at the man in the mirror and make up our own minds about wanting to do something to make us better off then we can make such a decision in January, June or November.

The beginning of the year is as a good a time as any to ask ourselves what we really want. Reflect on your situations and decide the personal outcome which you would want to see become your reality. I was inspired last year when a  graduate student said that the best way to plan for the future is to create it. Those are powerful words. There comes a time when we must come to an awareness that it is our duty to create and own the upcoming days, weeks, months and years in our lives. But as most of us begin to grow into our own, because we are not accustomed making life changing decisions for ourselves, we somehow procrastinate and look for a green light of permission from other people around us.

That is a habit which we must stop with immediate effect. Just as persons who would have been in the arena of success have made their own decisions, you who have not before known success have that same human right and responsibility to master your destiny through your decisions. And there is no better time to start that today.

Yes, home and work responsibilities, coupled with environmental stress, will continue to permeate our lives in 2017. The headlines making news are probably not going to get any better either. The possibility of some new “mosquito-borne” disease is also likely to be named this year, too.

But nothing that is happening around you can deter or stop the decision that is made within you.

Again, the question is being asked: What do you want for yourself and your life in 2017? After you have answered that question, know to yourself that you have the ability to do what it takes to make your answer your 2017 reality. There might have to be hours of hard, non-enjoyable work, but work hard anyway. You might have to burn the midnight oil while everybody else is sleeping, but stay up late anyway.Very few months or years will pass without soe form of human conflicts, quarrels or arguments, but pick your quarrels and confrontations astutely, and battle on anyway. After all, didn’t even the Bible, through the wisest man, say that there is a time for peace and a time for war?

In fulfilling the legacy of the made up mind we must never forget that the next December will come. Now this might seem like foolish thinking in March and July, but if there is one fact that is irrefutable it is this: time does not stop moving. No matter how good or how bad right now may be, time will continue to move on. If you don’t believe me, just look at your watch. Isn’t the seconds quietly ticking away? Then surely, the time of your payoff will come.

So, if you know that time cannot stop in the present, then your fuel that drives your passion must be that when that future time comes in December, you will be in a position to enjoy the future reality which you decided you wanted for yourself in January.

Although I’m using the new year’s resolution practice as the main argument here, the same principle applies in every area of life, in every situation. If you are hoping to pass exams in June, make up your mind now to push ahead; June will come and you will pass. If it is a matter of health, of wealth, of family, of community or of longevity, make up your mind right now and don’t back down when the going gets tough. You will find it easier to carry on with your made up mind’s decision because you already expected the tough times.

But remember as they say–tough times don’t last but tough people do.

So whatever road you are on at the start of 2017, let’s raise our glasses of a made up mind and drink to the situations of the next twelve months which we would look back on at this time next year as the defining times that cemented our better future. Happy new year, everybody.





I was one of the more than seven million persons who was touched by the above video of convict Arthur Booth crying uncontrollably in a courtroom when he realized that his judge, Mindy Glazer, was his childhood classmate when both of them were innocent and had their full lives ahead of them. It was thirty five odd years before this emotionally unplanned or unwanted reunion but back in school, like any human being, they  had the possibility of becoming anything they wanted.

One of the sad truths about life that came home to me as I read the background story of Arthur Booth and Mindy Glazer is that life does move on, whether or not one is prepared for the future. The schoolboy  Arthur Booth was shown to be exceptionally gifted in Science and Mathematics. His family and friends recall that Arthur Booth wanted to grow up and become a neurosurgeon. Mindy Glazer’s ambition was to become a lawyer.

But only one of these two beautifully intelligent children was able to fulfil their life’s dreams.

What went wrong for Arthur Booth?

His personal love and desire for the thrill of gambling subtly led him to petty theft which ultimately coerced him into an addicted user of crack cocaine. Arthur Booth dropped out of school at age seventeen. He was in  grade 11 or Form 4 as it is known in my part of the world.

The second life lesson I mournfully  grasped from Arthur Booth’s life story is that success itself is not final just because you have had a good life which has positioned you to be a success. By that same token, the opposite is equally true. Because a person’s life began with poverty, “bad luck” or fewer opportunities than normal people, it does not mean that such persons are doomed to a life of failure.

People with good plans or dreams for their future must quickly recognize, identify and eliminate their specific life distractors which are meant to  sabotage, derail and destroy  their best laid plans and their very future.

Now at age 49, Arthur Booth has spent more than half his life in prison. In fact, though the judge was his friend in school, and sympathized with him, she had to follow the law and impose a $43 000 bond on “the best kid” she remembers from their days in school. Unfortunately, Arthur Booth’s family cannot afford to pay the bond and so, even as this post is being composed, Arthur Booth is still behind bars.


A third life lesson that Arthur Booth’s life story has brought home to me is the recollection of our spiritual heritage and truths. That is,  God has created us with all good things necessary for our best successful life. From a wonderful planet to personal skills, we are all positioned by God to achieve a very good purpose. That purpose is made even more realistic and attainable when we accept the forgiveness, eternal life and empowerment found in God’s Son, Jesus Christ, our Saviour, Lord and soon-to-be Judge.

However, God’s archenemy, Satan, contrives to present every life with seemingly tasty, harmless and innocent distractions. These are the agents of our demise and anti-future manipulators. It really is true that there is a way which seems right to a man but the end thereof are the ways of death. None of us will ever achieve our goals if we do not abandon our own desires for immediate fun and pleasure satisfaction.

The future is there for those who value it more than the present.

People who become failures often sacrifice their future so that they can enjoy themselves  in the present. But successful people do the opposite. They sacrifice their present for their future. In other words, successful people accept present day inconvenience, hard work, even boredom and loneliness, so that their future will be filled with enjoyment because their dreams have come true.

A  primary reason I started this blog was to establish a forerunner to the dream of being a published author. It’s now as I reflect that, by focusing on some pettifogging present day “needs”, I have been distracted in the pursuit of that particular dream. I thank Arthur Booth for serving as a timely wake up and re-evaluation for my own aspirations. So on the tenth anniversary of my mother’s death, I shall be launching my first published literary work.

People around the world have been wishing Arthur Booth well. They really hope he can turn his life around. One of the few good things about his imprisonment so far has been that he has been able to kick his addiction to cocaine. He now needs to rid his life of his gambling addictions. With God on the inside and good friends and family on the outside, Arthur Booth can still change.

We all can change.

Let’s all start today by recognizing simple actions and sacrifices we can and must make to make our inevitable future the one where the dreams in our hearts and minds can finally live in our days and nights. I hope you, too, will take away some inspirationally life-changing lessons from Arthur Booth’s life story.



Yesterday, Brazil took the beating of a lifetime as destructive Germany pummelled them 7 goals to 1 in a semi-final of the FIFA 2014 World Cup. To add insult to injury, it happened right at home on Brazilian soil right in front of their countless die-hard supporters. Brazil’s only goal was scored in the very last minute of the game’s regular time.

I watched the game online and, I, too, could not believe what was happening. All of us from the Caribbean were generally backing Brazil. We wanted them to be the 2014 champions.

The Germans must be congratulated; however, for taking the game from right under the host’s nose in such spectacular fashion. In so doing, they also broke a Brazilian record, Renaldo, for the individual scoring the most goals in a World Cup competition.

When it rains it pours.

Today must be such an emotionally distressed day across Brazil. But I want to leave them, ad their global network of supporters, some timeless encouragement.

Every great winner experiences one or two great defeats.

It is very interesting that the very word “defeat” has the word “feat” as its origin. And those of us with prior knowledge of this word will know that a feat is the accomplishing of an extraordinary outcome.

Just as the sun shines after the rain, this epic defeat will one day empower Brazil to win a FIFA Championship in a colossal manner as was not seen before.

Such a victory will not necessarily come by merely scoring a large number of goals but by the demonstration of highly articulated, calculated and professionally organized talent and skills.

So let your defeat, with all its sorrow and shame, soak in, Brazil. Let it soak in well. For tomorrow you are going to need today’s pain as your impetus and fuel for your football and national glory.

Never write off or condemn a winner. Indeed, the greatest glory consist not in never falling, but in rising each and every time you fall.

Defeat is the base nutrients of champions. I am convinced that Brazil’s defeat will inspire their greater feats.

Make this moment the “one moment in time” when you choose to overcome your own personal struggles

The world is reeling from news that singer Whitney Houston is dead. the circumstances of her sudden death are all too familiar to other celebrities who have died over the years.

While there is probably a price to be paid for world fame, resorting to some form of drug addiction has become a fatal plague for movie stars, singers and other global icons.

Whitney, a lady unusually gifted with singing talent, struggled with cocaine addiction through the latter part of her life. So many people right now are mostly saddened by this: her career might be remembered only in light of her personal struggles.

But is it fair to magnify the personal struggles of celebrities as though they should not have any struggles at all?

I say no.

The death of celebrities is never welcomed news; people would wish celebrities could live on earth forever. But the death of Whitney Houston is a timely reminder that life on earth IS just a temporary journey.

I wish to point out that each and every human being will and have to face some form of personal struggle. It is part of the human life contract.

It is my belief that God, as Creator and owner of the earth and man, has empowered man at his birth to be an overcomer. God has confidence in each person alive that he or she can face and master whatever opposition is faced.

In order to help you put life into perspective let me share something interesting I just double checked as I weighed in on Whitney Houston’s death.

The last recorded messages from Jesus Christ to people on earth, in Revelation, shows that for each of the seven churches He addressed, He specifically ended with a challenge for His audience to overcome.

I think that is important because Jesus knows life on earth will not—cannot—last forever. But He also knows what will become of each person after death.

Since no corrupt thing can enter heaven, each person is responsible to use his or her days to get his or her soul cleaned up from the many pollutants, viruses or addictions on earth. These addictions and problems were around before you were born and they would be here after your death.

What makes life worthwhile from the human stand point is the ability to overcome one’s personal addictions, proclivities and areas of weaknesses.

A final point I wish to raise also comes from the Bible, this time Peter who asked his audience to “prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled”.

The advice to be self controlled is given multiple times by the Christian writers in the New Testament. I believe it is for a good reason. Nothing is achieved in any life without the person first making up his or her mind to do something about it.

I want to say to all persons reading my words that it is up to you to master and then conqueror your addictions, weaknesses or adversaries. It is the reason you wake up each morning. The thing is, like Whitney Houston and other celebrities, a morning comes when we will not even know it is our last morning on earth.

As you think of Whitney Houston being dead, and as you ponder on your own life, remember that you are a legend in your own way—the whole world need not know you by name or picture. you have what it takes to overcome your difficulties. But you have to take control of your mind first and foremost.

Martin Luther King, Jr lived and died before my time but his life’s message is meant for me in my generation.

I somehow found myself viewing some speeches made by Mr King and his words began to speak even to my own destiny on the earth.

I am particularly intrigued by his last public speaking engagement. That was recorded a mere twenty four hours before his brutal martyrdom. Listening to him, I can sense God was foreshadowing events to come by the statements in the speech.

I, too, am compelled to be true to what I put on paper. In this case on my blog. Obstacles will always exist between a man and his dream, his calling, his destiny, his reason for being. No obstacle shall stand in my way as I face “the difficult days ahead” and fulfil my purpose.

It is really interesting that even though a bullet may have ripped his face apart, Martin Luther King’s words and indeed his voice still echo across the generations today. It lets me know that even this blog is being immortalized. Verily, words do have sustained power, even after physical actions are done and gone.

I am realizing more and more that there is a specific Promised Land for each man born of a woman. I use “man” in a general term. There is a very worthwhile reason you and I are alive. The days given to us under the sun are timed for us to get to our Promised Land.

This promised land is not just defined by a good house, vehicle, family or job, it is defined by what makes us be the best human being we can be to ourselves and those around us—ultimately leading to a tight relationship with God and His Son and so making the planet a better place to live.

Another lesson I learn from Martin Luther King, Jr is that I am to fear no man. And this is something that Jesus even spoke about. Why be afraid of those who can only harm or kill the body? Ha ha ha ha! After man has taken action and harmed or killed, there is nothing else he can do.

I do not know or understand how, but God is able to switch a person’s existence from a physical body to a consciousness and existence of a spiritual one found in the soul. Maybe it is pretty much like a back-up power source.

Think about it.

Haven’t you ever been at a public venue and the electricity goes? There is a brief moment of shockingly sad darkness. Then there is light once more as the generators do their job of providing an alternative source of power.

So, too, I believe when man kills you, there is that painful halt to physical consciousness. But then there is a new awakening of the person’s consciousness from the alternative power source—that of the soul.

Martin Luther King said that he had been able to see on the other side of things “on the mountain top”. Any body who is going to live for any worthwhile reason must get God’s perspective from the mountain top and see what is really important. See the bigger picture.

The only courage any man or woman, boy or girl can possess is to face his or her own life’s lonely and tragic moments on his or her own two feet. Standing among your supporters or in a crowd is easy. It is he who is able to stand in the lonely hour, the midnight hour is the one who is really courageous.

Even though you would have been distracted and sent on detours from your own promised land, from fulfilling your destiny, it is not too late. Once your heart and lungs are working, it is not too late. Your Creator is ever willing to forgive, accept, and renew your strength. All of heaven’s powers are with you because meeting your destiny is more important than any person or thing on this earth.

After all, good or bad, you have to part with your human body and with everybody and everything on the earth.

These are some lessons I learned from Martin Luther King and I rank them worthy of new year’s resolutions. Indeed.

POST NOTE: As unbelievable as this may sound, I had no idea when I posted this article that the very day was Martin Luther King’s birthday! I guess that is just as providentially orchestrated pretty much like the contents of Martin Luther King’s final speech just hours before he was killed. It actually reminded me of Jesus predicting His own death hours before it occured.

Here is another interesting piece of information:

This is my 77th blog post and it has 777 words.

There are times that you are confronted by a situation not of your own making, which gives you an opportunity to drive home your inalienable human right because you were offended. Every person enjoys the power that comes from being in the right and dig deep in the sands of empowerment. But then some greater calling beckons at your conscience to not “press charges” in the matter.

For example, a business transaction may have been incorrectly interpreted and you were charged less than the selling price of whatever you are buying. You double checked and were told that the amount is correct; in fact you are even given back money. Days later, you are asked to return the same amount that was refunded to you!

Another illustration is that someone damages your property or some possession of yours. You are within your right to demand the faulted party to compensate or rectify the situation physically, financially or otherwise. However, to do this means that the offender is being stretched financially to a limit that their financial resources are able to reach.

Some narrow-minded person who does not really know you has spoken all sort of negative things about you. It may be leading to third parties forming a distorted view of the situation and indeed of you as an individual. It seems easy to put the lying party in their place. You can make a scene and create a final showdown that would prevent any further incident of that nature in the future.

But you realize that the position of absolute rightness does not need a retaliatory force to defend itself. There are times when maintaining one’s coolness and staying true to one’s life’s mission becomes more important than a temporary fix of a problem founded on ephemeral troubles or lies.

Life is 10% of what happens to you but life is 90% of how you respond to what happens to you. None of us can change or choose which two persons would have become our parents, or which country, ethnic group or blood type we would have at birth, but for sure we can choose how to live with those factors during the course of our lives on earth.

We become more valuable and more successful by growing our inner person’s character and not just creating a response that magnify our reputation to those people around us at the present time.

Our present and immediate situation may be urgent and may be screaming for our attention; however, it is our future outcome that is quietly calling us and that future outcome is what is most important. Train yourself to respond to the important and not just to the urgent.

The Indestructible Book

The antique book is commented to be the gospel of John

Pictured above is a most unusual book that is documented as being over one thousand years old, yet without any form of decay or wear and tear. The book is an early edition of the gospel of St John, the last of the gospels in our New Testament of the Holy Bible. according to some expert scholars who have studied its contents.

How has this one copy of the gospel been able to survive after all these years and still be in a top-notch condition? That seems to be nothing short of a miracle. Below you will find an excerpt from the Economist, where this story was published earlier in this year.

“The real story is the object itself. The gospel was commissioned to honour St Cuthbert, a monk, hermit and then reluctant bishop of the Northumbrian island of Lindisfarne, whose life and miracles were set down by the Venerable Bede, an early medieval chronicler. Bede lived and worked on the mainland at Wearmouth-Jarrow, the monastery where the book is believed to have been made by a man trained in the tradition of Egyptian Coptic bookbinding and decoration. Shortly after Bede’s hero, Cuthbert, died in 687, the book was placed in his coffin.When the Vikings began raiding the north-east of England, the monks of Lindisfarne fled their island home with Cuthbert’s bones and wandered, like the Israelites in the desert, until they found sanctuary in Durham. In 1104 another chronicler, Simeon of Durham, records how Cuthbert’s coffin was opened in preparation for formal reinterment in a new church, the precursor of Durham cathedral. Cuthbert seemed not so much dead as sleeping, wrote Simeon. His limbs were flexible and his body “gave off a very pleasant odour”. By his head lay the book. Durham became a place of pilgrimage, and Cuthbert’s relics competed with those of the later Thomas à Becket in Canterbury.”

So there you have it: the story of the indestructible book of the gospel. Doesn’t it sound like a plot from an Indiana Jones movie? But this plot is as real as events get. It serves as a reminder that the gospels give an eye-witness account to a very real supernatural life in the form of the man Jesus Christ, who alone is eternal life.

via Early books: Holy writ | The Economist.

In a time when we are crying out and complaining about male marginalization, the singing and entertainment industry is asking, “What male marginalization?”

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Should Believers Fear Hell – and God? A Response to Oliver Thomas on Blogcritics.

Earlier today I read two articles  as they were making their provocative way through the viral atmosphere. Both of them were written by people I believe are Americans. Both articles were characterized by a hopelessness caused by an inability of their writers to  comprehend the things of God. I am writing in response to one of those articles  that carried the same name as indicated in my chosen title for this article.

I believe that in some way the  author, one Oliver Thomas, wrote with the specific intention of being the
devil’s advocate and in more ways than one open the religious version of  Pandora’s Box. However, I believe the article in itself is a potential cause  for the “speculations” and hopeless futility that he intended so
scathingly to address.

In the article, published in the  USA Today online edition of August 8, 2011, Mr Thomas asked the important  question of what happens after death. But as one reads the article it becomes  clear that he is not so much concerned with providing an answer to the question  as he is with attempting to prove that Christians and believers in Jesus Christ  have been surely misled due to the misinterpretation of Jesus’ words as they  referred to hell.

The author makes us to know that a  God who will punish an act of evil for all eternity is not as terrible (and
somehow I infer he means obtuse) as the people who will actually believe in  such a God. He used his parenting code to suggest he will only punish his  daughter with an action that fits the disobedience. He refuses to believe that  a place of eternal punishment exists, claiming that the “Christian Old  Testament” only talks of the dead existing in a “dreamlike  place.” One of the things about reading information is that one can select  bits and pieces to drive one’s point home. And generally Christians quote  scriptures to get their message across.

However, Oliver Thomas basically  condemns the believers in the Bible for their vulnerable gullibility because  they believe something just because the Bible teaches it. But then he goes and  quotes from the very same Bible he is claiming is erroneously misinterpreted  and indicates that Solomon in Ecclesiastes proclaimed that “Whatever your  hand finds to do, do it with all your might for there is no activity or
planning or wisdom in Sheol where you are going.” This he says, clearly  trying to convince the really undecided and scared readers that no real action  comes after the human heart stops.

Well, Mr Thomas, Solomon whom you  quoted was speaking as the wisest man on the earth who ever lived. But how is  it, Mr Thomas that you did not mention that Jesus had this to say in Matthew  chapter 12 and verse 42: “…one greater than Solomon is here.”

The author of the article is trying  desperately but to no avail to reason and understand the truths of the
universe. The created being will never know as much as the creator. Do you  think man will ever make a product that is equal to man’s capabilities or that  surpasses man’s individual greatness?

Jesus Christ came to earth because  there was a problem of significant eternal ramifications that warranted His  intervention. Don’t you see the British Prime Minister who is on holiday  leaving his happy time to return to deal with the escalating riots in London?  Aren’t you hearing persons in your beloved America asking that the President  recalls Congress from vacation time to deal with the economic woes? So, if
human beings can see the need to leave their comfort zone to face a serious  challenge that no one else can fix, then don’t you think Heaven will do the  same?  Mr Thomas, if the consequences of  sin only led to a dream world of shadowy appearances why would the creator of  life Himself leave the infinite happiness of heaven to suffer the agony and  shame during the crucifixion?

Or, how is it you didn’t think it  convenient in your echoing of Satan’s manifesto to include the parable Jesus
told of the rich man (who signifies the typical “American dream”) and  the torment he endured from the moment he died? Go and read St Luke chapter 16  from verse 19 to verse 31.

This once wealthy fellow who was  probably the beneficiary of the wall street of his day will not agree with you  that misinterpretations from King James has been trying to create an unfounded  fanaticism and religious fear. That rich man is still in that very place being  tormented today. I hope that as you read, Mr Thomas, that you will realize it  takes something extraordinarily true, serious and real to gain the attention of  a wealthy person and make them beg for a vagrant or thug to put his once itchy  finger in his mouth to ease his pain.

Please note as well that the end of  this story saw Jesus making the point through Abraham that the living people on  the earth have to choose on their own to listen to the preachers of the day.  You are choosing not to listen. In the Caribbean we have been told time and  again by our parents that “he who does not hear will feel.”

Are you hearing, Mr Thomas?

Now the article really makes one  wonder about Americans and their acceptance of the Christian message. Hmm. All  I would say is that the Bible has indicated that Christianity is not on the  earth to win a popularity contest. In the months and years following the death,  burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, literally millions of His followers  and believers chose to die a horrible death rather than deny Jesus and live a
few more years on this earth.

Mr Thomas, I am certain you know  that no sane person dies for a lie. And certainly even you, Mr Thomas, must  agree with me that the millions of persons who allowed themselves to be killed  in the most gruesome of ways cannot be all crazy.

Your article runs the risk of  allowing some unconcerned soul to think it is all right to face their death day
without answering the Jesus question. I really hope that your readers see  beyond your verbally brawny logics. If not, you risk finding yourself having to  explain to your Creator why you chose to propagate the ideals of Satan. When  your state department released home videos of Saddam Hussein after they had
killed him, they muted the audio because they saw the wisdom in not giving an  outlet to his ideals and so corrupt the listening audience.

In the same way your article, in an  attempt to create viral publicity has chosen to be an outlet of Satan’s message  to keep humanity from taking the reality of Jesus Christ as a personal  responsibility with present and eternal benefits or losses.

I look forward to reading your  follow up article that is motivated by humility and inner inspiration and not
just intellectual myopic panic.

Will history say that it was under the presidency of a black man that the US lost its risk-free borrowing status?

Barack Obama has made headlines around the world since his sudden rise to the office of the most powerful man on the planet. He is the first black person to be elected to the office of President of the United States of America, the most powerful nation on earth, the sole superpower and the largest economy.

In 2010 he made sweeping changes to the health policies and frame-work of the USA. That was indeed another history making moment. There were of course those who felt the “Yes we can!” changes were too many and too fast. In fact, some Republicans vowed to repeal what they called  “Obama Healthcare.” Yet, the purposeful President has laboured on. He intends to leave his footprint and fingerprints on Washington’s political dynasty.

Then last May. the world stood still as it tried to absorb the incredible news that Barack Obama sent a specially trained navy Seals team deep into the Pakistani territory to find and kill the ever elusive Osama Bin Laden.

Obama killed Osama!

That again cemented Obama into political elitism and unparalleled history. He accomplished what two previous presidents, each serving a two term presidency, failed to do. All the world congratulated the US President as they felt that finally the 3000 or so souls whose blood was shed on September 11, 2001,  could rest in peace as their killer was shown the bullets of an American soldier. And his remains dumped into the Northern Arabian Sea.

But a few hours ago Barack Obama was receiving the news that The USA’s credit rating has been down graded from a AAA to AA+.

This is also a history making event. Ever since the S&P ratings was being used, America was always at the triple A status. that has been so since 1917.

The AAA means that the country is well able to pay its creditors and so it is seen as a safe risk for lending money to. But with the political wranglings and stalemate in Congress over the  last few weeks as the nation struggled to enact laws that will increase its credit limit the US economy seemed to have gone into cardiac arrest.

It will be important to hear how President Obama responds to this development. Obviously, he is being seen now as the first US president to allow the country’s economic rating to fall from a triple rating. But was this totally Obama’s fault? While he may not be solely responsible, as he seeks re-election next year, it is something that the electorate and his opposition will throw in his face.

One of the sad realities, too, of this is that because President Obama is a black man, racial pundits will probably start sending the message to the black community that they are really inferior or unable to measure up to quality accomplishments, after all  we put a black man in the white house and what happens? We lose our safety credit rating!

Already, the Republicans are saying this downgrading of the US economy is another sign of the “failed leadership’ of Barack Obama. Nonetheless, this historic development is a sign that all the world finances are in possible jeopardy and individuals and governments alike must start to take a serious look at how they spend, invest or manage their money. I will like you to please read my earlier post “Your money–is it fulfilling someone else’s dream?”

We cannot just continue to spend money like our treasury is what Jesus has in heaven. Let us all go back to the simple rule of living within our means and being satisfied with a present temporary inconvenience for a permanent improvement in the future.

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