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If girls and young ladies would boycott sex and demand that their boyfriends stay in school and get their education, the rebelliously rude attitude of our young men would change.

Young boys and young men are among the most difficult of persons to deal with these days. Of course, there are those females as well who are just as recalcitrant as the young men. However, girls tend to bounce back positively from their own broken lives at home or in the society from which they come.

Boys take all their brokenness and use their emotion to convert it to hostile anger and dangerous hatred. The only product that appeases our young men is the power of the female’s anatomy or, to be specific, vagina.

The overwhelming majority of young men is only motivated to do anything when it involves the likelihood of getting close to a girl or getting sex therefrom.

It is becoming the young generation’s norm that the guys do not even want to sit next to another male in a public transport vehicle; they get upset because their particular class in school does not have enough girls in it. A social occasion is definitely taboo if there are more men than girls present.

Should such thinking persists, pretty soon, our boys and young men will have absolutely no interaction with their own gender, at any level. All of life for the upcoming generation revolves around sexual satisfaction. Sex has become the elixir and only life goal for our young.

In 2011, there were at least two reported cases, one in Africa, the other in Columbia, where women withheld sex from their partners until the men made some societal issues non existent.

And in both instances the women got what they wanted.

That made me realize the reality of the present day gender and social construction that our males are only really moved to do good in return for some sex. It is like giving the cartoon dog Scooby Doo its Scooby Snack so that it does what its master wants.

As more and more of our young boys and young men head towards a life of little regard for manners, respect, hard work, community peace and purity it is necessary for our females to use the one thing in their possession to avert a future of social disasters and violence.

Too many men (some of them still teenagers) are becoming fathers and only try to be around their child just because they know it would please “their baby mama”.

How sick.

I am convinced that is the reason for the unmitigating rate of single parent families. And until something is effectively done to change the men’s attitude, the problem will be with us.

Girls and young ladies everywhere must begin to send a clear message to their boyfriends and sex-hunters that life is more than getting naked and sexercising. If our females put their foot down and decide that they do not just want a man with a penis, but they want  a father, an income earner capable of intelligent behaviour, our men and boys will begin to see their attitudes in its real deplorable state.

Girls, boycott sex. Tell your fellas that they must graduate from school. Tell them that there will be no sex until they can show you they have invested the time and energy into themselves which will in turn guarantee them and you a future income. A legal income.

Can you imagine how attitudes will change if the average fourteen or seventeen year old boy would realize that the girls now are serious about wanting an educated, peace-promoting man? What our modern day parents are either too busy or too frightened to do, our girls and young ladies can do.

This is also how we can get rid of our lazy, crime-generating gangs and liming on the blocks. If the young boys and men know that girls are not going to have sex with them because they are smoking marijuana, fighting over every little argument, or making guns and bullets their hobbies, they would quickly return to the good old ways which have proven to be the path to sustained life and happiness, not forgetting longevity of one’s days on the earth.

Education is the only way out of poverty. Completing school is critical in this regard. I hope that our girls and young ladies begin to boycott sex until their boyfriends drop the anger, cursing, and fighting from their ways. Girls, you have the power, through your vagina, to rehabilitate our young boys and young men before all of the future suffers—including you.

Sex is indeed a sweet, honorable, decent and pure act that climaxes the expression of mutual love. However, with the constant public overkill of the sex topic it seems that the word “sex” has become a four letter word; on the contrary it is a common acronym For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge that has become a dirty word but refers to the act of sex.

I am presenting to you some of my reasons why sex has always been and will continue to be a very positive and healthy activity. I hope you not only read but also think deeply on the rest content of this blog post.

Sex is one of (but not) the most enjoyable act you will ever take part in
• Sex offers you the chance to show that you are ready to start your family
• Sex allows you to share with someone special what you hide from everybody else
• Sex is the best human way to bond and be committed to another person
• Sex is God’s gift to you to ensure you are HAPPY with someone else while you live
• Sex is the ultimate act that shows your innocent childhood days are forever gone
• Sex is the final act that shows your days of adult responsibilities have come


• That when you take off your clothes to have sex, you are also taking off your innocent    childhood and your simple happy future as a teenager or young adult
• That the blood spilled by a virgin during sex is the blood of a covenant established by     God, binding the persons having sex together forever
• That covenants are God’s trademark when dealing with humans
Virgins find it hard/impossible to love anyone else the way they love the man whom     they gave their virginity to
• That when you take a girl’s virginity you are robbing her future husband
• That many women “butt” their boyfriends/husbands because they cannot forget about     the man who took their virginity away
• That God expects you to stay forever with the FIRST person you have sex with
• That having your first sex in marriage is the best way to make your marriage work
• That a man is less committed to a woman because he didn’t take her virginity
• That whoever you have sex with remains a part of you forever, even if you break up
• That men and women alike say if they could live over their lives they would wait until       an older age (and for another person) to have their first sex
• That the person you choose at 15 is not the person you will choose at 25
• That if you play with the Sex Covenant, God WILL curse your life
• That if you honour the Sex Covenant, God WILL bless your life

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