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Martin Luther King, Jr lived and died before my time but his life’s message is meant for me in my generation.

I somehow found myself viewing some speeches made by Mr King and his words began to speak even to my own destiny on the earth.

I am particularly intrigued by his last public speaking engagement. That was recorded a mere twenty four hours before his brutal martyrdom. Listening to him, I can sense God was foreshadowing events to come by the statements in the speech.

I, too, am compelled to be true to what I put on paper. In this case on my blog. Obstacles will always exist between a man and his dream, his calling, his destiny, his reason for being. No obstacle shall stand in my way as I face “the difficult days ahead” and fulfil my purpose.

It is really interesting that even though a bullet may have ripped his face apart, Martin Luther King’s words and indeed his voice still echo across the generations today. It lets me know that even this blog is being immortalized. Verily, words do have sustained power, even after physical actions are done and gone.

I am realizing more and more that there is a specific Promised Land for each man born of a woman. I use “man” in a general term. There is a very worthwhile reason you and I are alive. The days given to us under the sun are timed for us to get to our Promised Land.

This promised land is not just defined by a good house, vehicle, family or job, it is defined by what makes us be the best human being we can be to ourselves and those around us—ultimately leading to a tight relationship with God and His Son and so making the planet a better place to live.

Another lesson I learn from Martin Luther King, Jr is that I am to fear no man. And this is something that Jesus even spoke about. Why be afraid of those who can only harm or kill the body? Ha ha ha ha! After man has taken action and harmed or killed, there is nothing else he can do.

I do not know or understand how, but God is able to switch a person’s existence from a physical body to a consciousness and existence of a spiritual one found in the soul. Maybe it is pretty much like a back-up power source.

Think about it.

Haven’t you ever been at a public venue and the electricity goes? There is a brief moment of shockingly sad darkness. Then there is light once more as the generators do their job of providing an alternative source of power.

So, too, I believe when man kills you, there is that painful halt to physical consciousness. But then there is a new awakening of the person’s consciousness from the alternative power source—that of the soul.

Martin Luther King said that he had been able to see on the other side of things “on the mountain top”. Any body who is going to live for any worthwhile reason must get God’s perspective from the mountain top and see what is really important. See the bigger picture.

The only courage any man or woman, boy or girl can possess is to face his or her own life’s lonely and tragic moments on his or her own two feet. Standing among your supporters or in a crowd is easy. It is he who is able to stand in the lonely hour, the midnight hour is the one who is really courageous.

Even though you would have been distracted and sent on detours from your own promised land, from fulfilling your destiny, it is not too late. Once your heart and lungs are working, it is not too late. Your Creator is ever willing to forgive, accept, and renew your strength. All of heaven’s powers are with you because meeting your destiny is more important than any person or thing on this earth.

After all, good or bad, you have to part with your human body and with everybody and everything on the earth.

These are some lessons I learned from Martin Luther King and I rank them worthy of new year’s resolutions. Indeed.

POST NOTE: As unbelievable as this may sound, I had no idea when I posted this article that the very day was Martin Luther King’s birthday! I guess that is just as providentially orchestrated pretty much like the contents of Martin Luther King’s final speech just hours before he was killed. It actually reminded me of Jesus predicting His own death hours before it occured.

Here is another interesting piece of information:

This is my 77th blog post and it has 777 words.


Iran: An Apocalyptic Countdown

The Islamic Republic of Iran has been headlining the halls of international fearful relations for decades now. The USA acting as the unitary world police of global peace balancing has been unable to halt Iran in its determination to be a thorn in the flesh of the global community.

I remember when I first became cognizant of Iran as a not too friendly a nation; it was when I heard news reports that Iran wanted to remove Israel off the world map. That I thought was inhumanely heartless. Should the policy makers in Iran step into hell they probably would neutralize the heat due to the ice box cold heart they possess.

Several months ago I was breathing a sigh of relief when I saw that the Iranian presidential elections was likely to have a winner other than the incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. My hope was short lived when the Iranian supreme leader intervened and declared Ahmadinejad the winner.

The Iranian president has put a face to the Iranian’s anti western ambitions and is doing a tremendous job of it unfortunately. They have continued to enrich uranium in their quest to create nuclear energy. That is tantamount to creating nuclear weapons. Of course, the Iranian’s official take on it is that the rest of the civilized world has no need to worry about Iran using its nuclear capabilities to create world war three.

They would have to forgive me as I find that hard to believe. Off the record i am certain that Mr Ahmadinejad and the Iranian dark knights would admit they can’t give up an opportunity to have nuclear energy to fuel their infrastructural services and not fulfil their dream of removing Israel. Maybe it is that the nuclear energy they speak of is to diffuse Israel.

The UN has been trying for years as well to get its inspectors on the ground in Tehran to see first hand what exactly Iran is doing where nuclear activities are concerned. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) seems likely to have clearance to visit in the up coming weeks.

Is that going to be another run in the maze visit?

The sanctions and blockade on Iran by the United Nations have been a slippery knot around Iran’s dogmatic neck. That knot has been tightened over the last few weeks as President Obama was able to collude with his American allies and extend the UN sanctions against Iran.

Now even though America used its resources to rescue some Iranians from pirates at sea, the response from Iran was that act was a mere humanitarian gesture and does not change the pending wild west showdown between the two nations. How do the Iranian populace feel about their government I wonder.

Two other recent developments concerning Iran is worth mentioning in this post. The first is that it seems as the sanctions realities begin squeezing the life blood in Iran, president Ahmadinejad has flown to my neck of the woods actually. He is currently in Latin America. His first visit was to his Venezuela’s counterpart, Hugo Chavez.

Of course the rest of the world is paying close attention to everything these two presidents do. Both have made audacious statements at the UN during past presentations to the Assembly. But what is the nature of Iran’s relationship with countries in Latin America?

The world of politics would dictate that leaders are always negotiating something. In fact, politicians only have friends so long as their interests are being advanced through such associations. Sad to say, pragmatically speaking, there is a whole lot more that the mighty USA could be tangibly doing for countries in the Caribbean and the Latin American geographic spread. Is it that Iran, following the lead of Cuba, will step in to be a Don and godfather to this often neglected part of the world?

Make no mistake about it, the Caribbean and Latin America are struggling with some basic socio-economic problems and threats that they will welcome help in solving. That’s politics I guess. However, many regional leaders would want at least to give the US the benefit of the doubt.

The second incident has to do with another January assassination of an Iranian scientist directly connected to Iran’s nuclear thrust. The USA has categorically denied involvement; however, Israel, who is usually co-blamed by Iran for such attacks, has indicated that they would not be shedding any tears over the assassination. Can you blame Israel?

It seems to me that the patient diplomatic efforts of the Obama administration is not even scratching the  force shield of Iran. It seems likely that yet another US administration is sliding into history with Iran still shaking its boxing glove at any new challengers who dare to step into the ring.

The rhetoric of Islam and Iran’s own cold statements over time definitely signal that with its acquisition of nuclear energy and capabilities it would be akin to a chess player manoeuvring his opponent who must then shamefully crown the successful intruder.

Iran is not going to retire from the world scene. The more it gets the more it wants. It is bent on proving that it can survive amidst all imposed sanctions. Iran is prepared long ago to be the world’s pariah. Iranians need to follow their Islamic brothers in Libya, Egypt and Syria and initiate their own people’s revolution. Better must come. What quiet diplomacy has been unable to achieve, some old fashion people power will shake the regime and bring full transparency of Iranian domestic policies and agenda.

If not, the world will not live to regret it.


Several hours ago an infuriating viral fire was ignited by a video shot on location in Afghanistan.

At centre are several foreign troop soldiers standing at ease urinating. And that would not be any big deal except that these soldiers were clearly urinating on the dead bodies of some Afghan fighters.

The military in the US has announced that it has identified at least two of the soldiers in the grotesque footage. All stakeholders in the US mission in the region have not minced their opinions in calling for the soldiers in the video to be properly and severely disciplined.

But I want to consider the reality of war zone life and the practicality of abiding by internationally agreed combat guidelines.

It is the person who is in the active kitchen who always feels the unyielding heat. Most of the soldiers “in harm’s way” as so often stated in its politically correct manner are very young adults who really should have their whole lives ahead of them. Instead, they are subject daily to death and mayhem.  Undoubtedly, few  of us who have a “civilian” status can ever understand the psychological terrors these young people have to deal with every day.

I am not saying the decision to urinate on dead bodies was a good one; but I am saying that in the often unfriendly, hostile and deceptive environment that these fighters are asked to fight for the free world, they are being asked to carry a stressful burden that many of us will or probably can never really understand.

These soldiers will see their friends with whom they enlisted and have bonded as kin being injured, maimed or even killed right before their helpless eyes. It is quite probable that they may at times even feel emotionally and otherwise isolated from their western homes and ideologies. In the heat of battle, not sure whether or not they would be alive at sunset and with all of the inner  turmoil of war growing in them, who knows, if they would invariably decide to cope with such pressures in ways that are in contravention of military ethical codes.

It is my humble opinion that in the war zones of the world many unthinkable or immoral actions are perpetrated. This, I believe, by all fighting factions. It is really unlikely that a person can genuinely wage war against another without having some deep seated anger and even hatred in their heart towards that enemy.

War is not a rehearsal or sitcom.

So who knows what foreign troops, who are often called “imbeciles” have been subjected to by persons cultured in war totally differently to their formal military academy practices and protocols of the west.

Even more interesting than identifying the soldiers in the video would be to identify who exactly shot the video and why it was posted to You tube instead of being delivered to the relevant superior officers of the soldiers involved. Hmmm.

This is an opportune time for us once more to think of the price of freedom….or …..the price of war.

“…those who occasionally smoked marijuana as compared to smoking cigarettes had less damages to their lungs than the participants who smoked cigarettes.”

Alcohol and tobacco use have been legal in our societies for many years now. marijuana use, though, is out lawed and sometimes seen as a taboo. Yet many persons who support marijuana use strongly contend that alcohol and cigarettes use are statistically more damaging and deadly than use of marijuana.

Marijuana activists seem to have been given a shot in the arm from the results of a new study just released in the

Journal of the American Medical Association. Over the last twenty years, the study worked with some five thousand Americans who engaged in smoking marijuana and smoking cigarettes. The striking results show that those who occasionally smoked marijuana as compared to smoking cigarettes had less damages to their lungs than the participants who smoked cigarettes.

I can just imagine that marijuana defenders would be all delighted with this new study; however, this news has to be accepted with a “spliff” of caution. Yes, smoking little amounts of marijuana is not as dangerous to your health as smoking cigarettes. This is true if one smokes marijuana in moderation about once per week.

Even before this new study was released, it was already scientifically proven that marijuana as a substance does have some chemicals that are actually good for your health. For example, marijuana has proven to be a good reliever of pains. There are some four hundred or so chemicals in the marijuana plant; however, just about twenty-five per cent of these chemicals are good for the body. So the problem lies with the majority of chemicals. No one can say how these “bad” chemicals will affect the smoker, and the effect on no two smokers is the same.

According to the Journal persons who smoked marijuana on a daily basis were in just as bad a position where their lungs were concerned as those who indulged in cigarette smoking. So we should not take this new study as a license to proliferate even more the use of marijuana.

Maybe what can be done is that the pharmaceutical industry can extract the beneficial chemicals out of the marijuana plant and offer these chemicals for public use. Or, at the very least, step up the public education campaign about the good and bad chemicals/benefits from marijuana use.


There are times that you are confronted by a situation not of your own making, which gives you an opportunity to drive home your inalienable human right because you were offended. Every person enjoys the power that comes from being in the right and dig deep in the sands of empowerment. But then some greater calling beckons at your conscience to not “press charges” in the matter.

For example, a business transaction may have been incorrectly interpreted and you were charged less than the selling price of whatever you are buying. You double checked and were told that the amount is correct; in fact you are even given back money. Days later, you are asked to return the same amount that was refunded to you!

Another illustration is that someone damages your property or some possession of yours. You are within your right to demand the faulted party to compensate or rectify the situation physically, financially or otherwise. However, to do this means that the offender is being stretched financially to a limit that their financial resources are able to reach.

Some narrow-minded person who does not really know you has spoken all sort of negative things about you. It may be leading to third parties forming a distorted view of the situation and indeed of you as an individual. It seems easy to put the lying party in their place. You can make a scene and create a final showdown that would prevent any further incident of that nature in the future.

But you realize that the position of absolute rightness does not need a retaliatory force to defend itself. There are times when maintaining one’s coolness and staying true to one’s life’s mission becomes more important than a temporary fix of a problem founded on ephemeral troubles or lies.

Life is 10% of what happens to you but life is 90% of how you respond to what happens to you. None of us can change or choose which two persons would have become our parents, or which country, ethnic group or blood type we would have at birth, but for sure we can choose how to live with those factors during the course of our lives on earth.

We become more valuable and more successful by growing our inner person’s character and not just creating a response that magnify our reputation to those people around us at the present time.

Our present and immediate situation may be urgent and may be screaming for our attention; however, it is our future outcome that is quietly calling us and that future outcome is what is most important. Train yourself to respond to the important and not just to the urgent.

Finally, somebody has the guts to come out and say it! City officials in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, are putting their foot down. As of tonight, any person under age eighteen found out and about on the streets will be taken into custody. Additionally, the mayor’s office is sending a strong warning to parents that if their children have to be picked up off the streets after hours, then the law enforcement officials are likely to come after the parents as well.

I applaud the Philadelphia mayor!

The curfew is being instituted to deal with youth gangs and mob violence. And this is important. Many children, not only inAmerica, are growing up and living as adults before they understand what it means to be a child. This is a dangerous practice that has been ongoing for some time now in many societies. It seems that as soon as a child reaches puberty at age nine or ten he or she is an expert on marijuana use, alcohol consumption, sexual strategies and condom effectiveness. Our children stay out even later than the adults. These days, no body can use the F-u word more than our children. And they seem to invent new curse words, expressions and gestures every passing day.

All of this suggest that something is terribly wrong with today’s parenting. The problem stems from the glorification of sex and the “male sexual conquest”, especially of our black men. You see, men are being socialized–let me rephrase that: boys are being socialized by all around them (family, friends, the community) that all growing up is about is your ability to have and use an erection. All our young men focus on is how can a vagina be had.

The ultimate end is that while the female is seeking a stable relationship to have a family and to keep her man, the man is looking for non stop sex. When the woman figures out she is valued only for the relief of her partner’s back, problems occur. And when the babies come  on the scene, the men do not really love or want a child around them. For one thing pregnancy means sex has to be on the back seat for 9 months and after that the woman has to devote much of her time to baby caring. No time for private sexing. Also, the man has to face the realization that his woman is going to be expecting him to be supplying money to regularly take care of the child.

Most of our children are growing up realizing that their daddy really doesn’t want a thing to do with them. A lot of them leave to find “sense’ out there on the street. There is strength in numbers; the growing youth gangs is evidence of this.

In Philadelphia the local government is understanding the fundamentals of this. The mayor has said very sternly and clearly that if men do not want to take care of their children, they should not make them. The city is not running a baby sitting service, he warned.

Women have sex to start a family with one man. Men have sex so that they can get what the lady has. Men are not having sex because they want to be a parent. The men care aboutthe process, they do not care about the product.

Therein lies the societal problems of fatherless homes and street filled, angry, dysfunctional children. When this generation of boys in particular grows up, what is going to happen to families if they decide that because they grew up without a father then their children must do the same?

Human society may very well come like that of the animal kingdom where a male dog just goes looking for a bitch when it is mating season. Bam! Slam! Thank you madam. Then they walk away and do not look back.

Let us see how the curfew in Philadelphia turns out. More societies need to come forward with their own state implemented curfew. It is becoming quite clear that mothers alone cannot control or rear their children. Look at the many children involved in the London riots. Even girls were arrested.

It is time, too, that parents be asked to attend parenting classes, especially our men. In fact, any man who registers having more than one woman at a time, or who has been in relationships with different women during a six month or a twelve month period should be made to attend such classes.

If not, these parents of at risk children should be held accountable and be confined to supervised labour where the rewards of that labour goes directly to the woman and child (women and children) not being taken care of.

Something has to give. Otherwise, it is society that will give way.

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