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If girls and young ladies would boycott sex and demand that their boyfriends stay in school and get their education, the rebelliously rude attitude of our young men would change.

Young boys and young men are among the most difficult of persons to deal with these days. Of course, there are those females as well who are just as recalcitrant as the young men. However, girls tend to bounce back positively from their own broken lives at home or in the society from which they come.

Boys take all their brokenness and use their emotion to convert it to hostile anger and dangerous hatred. The only product that appeases our young men is the power of the female’s anatomy or, to be specific, vagina.

The overwhelming majority of young men is only motivated to do anything when it involves the likelihood of getting close to a girl or getting sex therefrom.

It is becoming the young generation’s norm that the guys do not even want to sit next to another male in a public transport vehicle; they get upset because their particular class in school does not have enough girls in it. A social occasion is definitely taboo if there are more men than girls present.

Should such thinking persists, pretty soon, our boys and young men will have absolutely no interaction with their own gender, at any level. All of life for the upcoming generation revolves around sexual satisfaction. Sex has become the elixir and only life goal for our young.

In 2011, there were at least two reported cases, one in Africa, the other in Columbia, where women withheld sex from their partners until the men made some societal issues non existent.

And in both instances the women got what they wanted.

That made me realize the reality of the present day gender and social construction that our males are only really moved to do good in return for some sex. It is like giving the cartoon dog Scooby Doo its Scooby Snack so that it does what its master wants.

As more and more of our young boys and young men head towards a life of little regard for manners, respect, hard work, community peace and purity it is necessary for our females to use the one thing in their possession to avert a future of social disasters and violence.

Too many men (some of them still teenagers) are becoming fathers and only try to be around their child just because they know it would please “their baby mama”.

How sick.

I am convinced that is the reason for the unmitigating rate of single parent families. And until something is effectively done to change the men’s attitude, the problem will be with us.

Girls and young ladies everywhere must begin to send a clear message to their boyfriends and sex-hunters that life is more than getting naked and sexercising. If our females put their foot down and decide that they do not just want a man with a penis, but they want  a father, an income earner capable of intelligent behaviour, our men and boys will begin to see their attitudes in its real deplorable state.

Girls, boycott sex. Tell your fellas that they must graduate from school. Tell them that there will be no sex until they can show you they have invested the time and energy into themselves which will in turn guarantee them and you a future income. A legal income.

Can you imagine how attitudes will change if the average fourteen or seventeen year old boy would realize that the girls now are serious about wanting an educated, peace-promoting man? What our modern day parents are either too busy or too frightened to do, our girls and young ladies can do.

This is also how we can get rid of our lazy, crime-generating gangs and liming on the blocks. If the young boys and men know that girls are not going to have sex with them because they are smoking marijuana, fighting over every little argument, or making guns and bullets their hobbies, they would quickly return to the good old ways which have proven to be the path to sustained life and happiness, not forgetting longevity of one’s days on the earth.

Education is the only way out of poverty. Completing school is critical in this regard. I hope that our girls and young ladies begin to boycott sex until their boyfriends drop the anger, cursing, and fighting from their ways. Girls, you have the power, through your vagina, to rehabilitate our young boys and young men before all of the future suffers—including you.

When Men Hurt

if men don't cry...society will

Western societies continue to evolve on all levels. The shifting focus and inter dependency of gender roles on our social well being is taking a somewhat obviously subtle turn towards violence and retribution. In the twentieth century it was the women and children who were regarded as being the helpless ones in the context of situations involving domestic violence or relationship breakdown.

The empowerment of our independently driven women over the last decade has brought a fair deal of balance to the vulnerabilities of the sexes. In fact, our females have almost been enclosed by a legal regulatory frame work that acts as a force shield from the traditional domestic disputes and conflicts.

The socialization of both genders has seen our females in general not being invited to empathize with any emotional vulnerabilities of the opposite sex. The men also have been ruthlessly trained that a critical criteria which determines manhood is to not show any sense of emotional fear, intimacy or failure, especially as it relates to their relationships.

The unwelcomed reality is that after many decades of man being the sexually dominant figure and the economic centrepiece in the home, men are now having to face some hard changes. Their women are no longer willing to just be a frightened puppy when the treacherous situations of cheating and insensitivity pop up in their intimacies. Ladies are actually prepared now to move out and move on with their lives, largely due to the supportive frame work put in place over the years.

On the other hand, men are finding that, as their home lives deteriorate, they have no one or nowhere to really go to for some sort of solace or resurgence. They definitely cannot approach their brethren with whom they hang out and share their inner pain or pending family loss. The vibes from the Gaza culture and Hollywood instant retributive side leaves them with a seemingly easy and cost effective alternative of violence and swift murder.

Each time a man goes on the killing spree and slaughters his girl friend or woman there exists another man somewhere in the dark heartlands of despair, fear and frustration with his own family who is all the more encouraged to follow suit and rid the world of the persons he sees as representing his pain and loss. Such persons in effect have taken away his manhood. And a man without his manhood is no man.

The growing sense of domestic alienation of our men and young boys is sending a strong wake up call for balanced emotional support for the male gender. Many men now seem to have so very little to live for within a happy monogamous relationship. It is far easier for them to just see the need to satisfy their current sex drive and not necessarily to value “settling down” with one woman and their resulting offsprings.

The many teenage boys who have little choice but to become a man before they see puberty because of a missing father represents a flashing amber light in the social dynamics. Upcoming is a generation of tomorrow’s men who have much disappointment, anger, hurt and confusion as to why their should-be role models never stuck around practically in their lives. They have to somehow deal with all the resulting pain before they can even think of having their own successful family.

Women and men have been hurt so much in relationships that a growing percentage of both sexes is starting to have little or no expectations of a future relationship that is built on stability, trust and commitment. The sweetness has been removed from many homes and so there are little incentives to anchor the heart there.

The buck stops here. that is the traditional line of personal responsibility that many political leaders adopt to show that they represent the embodiment of their country’s universally accepted values. Part of the public example is usually that of sound,positively directed speech. It is not expected that citizens of a country will hear their prime minister cursing like one of the common thugs or one of the uncivilized barbarians.

That is not the case it now appears for the citizens of Italy. Their prime minister is one of their wealthiest citizens and one of their most controversial. Silvio Berlusconi has been mostly making headlines for his fetish of very young girls and his sexual gratifications. Read the following excerpt that captures the essence of the situation at hand right now.

It was in a phone conversation with Lavitola late on 13 July that Berlusconi was said by the judge to have erupted in anger. “They can say about me that I screw. It’s the only thing they can say about me. Is that clear?” he said to the man allegedly blackmailing him. “They can put listening devices where they like. They can tap my telephone calls. I don’t give a f&*k. I … In a few months, I’m getting out to mind my own f%&king business, from somewhere else, and so I’m leaving this shitty country of which I’m sickened.”

I think the electorate in any democracy has to ponder on what their political leaders really think of them. Are campaign images just a facade? Albeit Italy’s PM might be an extreme case, the public should have some randomly honest way of hearing or finding out how they are being ranked by the persons they elected into high office.

via Berlusconi vows to leave shitty Italy in conversation recorded by police | World news | The Guardian.

Summer is the travel season. Thousands are packing up and heading to never before seen places in anticipation of an adventure. Well, for a French lady, embarking on such a trip proved to be a journey of no return.

Like many of us in the public service, Stephanie Foray longed to get away from the routines of her daily job. She started her vacation since last November and was in Sri Lanka and India.

She then went to Malaysia. Apparently, Stephanie was in search of the ultimate vacation experience. But the old saying is “be careful what you wish for”.

While on her stint in Malaysia the adventurous thirty year old went across the waters to the nearby island of Tioman.

She was never seen again.

Stephanie allegedly had a drinking partner while on Tioman island. Her thirty six year old drinking friend, Asni, must have been intoxicated by more than the glass of wine. Asni asked Stephanie for sex and when she would not give him the sex, Asni turned the wine bottle into a murder weapon.

Is this another reason alcohol is bad for one’s health?

It is the norm that a rape victim will do everything to rid herself of the alleged rapist but a situation on the Caribbean island of Trinidad involving rape has had a very exceptional ending.

In 2008 a man was accused of raping a fourteen year old girl. The matter was taken before the law courts and the man was released on bail.

Now, three years later when the case was called, the thirty year old man informed the court that he and the girl, who is now 17 are married. The judge was also told that the married couple has a child. Can you guess how old the child is?

Their daughter is three years old. That will suggest that the pregnancy happened the same year when the rape charges were filed. So what did the judge do after hearing the marital status of the couple? The case was dismissed and the man left the courtroom a free man.

Some may now argue that the initial sexual act may have very well been of a consensual nature. Could it be that the man and the girl were already fond of each other and may have been sexually involved before 2008? It is not uncommon for a female to cry rape only when she has been discovered in the act by a third-party or under threat of exposure.

But a more urgent question is whether having sex with someone under the age of consent carries mandatory penalties. In 2008 the girl would have been just 14 years old.  Maybe, too, the man decided to wed the girl to preempt a custodial sentence imposed on him by the court.

This is a most unusual case but to find a rape victim falling in love with her rapist must make for interesting analysis.

Finally, somebody has the guts to come out and say it! City officials in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, are putting their foot down. As of tonight, any person under age eighteen found out and about on the streets will be taken into custody. Additionally, the mayor’s office is sending a strong warning to parents that if their children have to be picked up off the streets after hours, then the law enforcement officials are likely to come after the parents as well.

I applaud the Philadelphia mayor!

The curfew is being instituted to deal with youth gangs and mob violence. And this is important. Many children, not only inAmerica, are growing up and living as adults before they understand what it means to be a child. This is a dangerous practice that has been ongoing for some time now in many societies. It seems that as soon as a child reaches puberty at age nine or ten he or she is an expert on marijuana use, alcohol consumption, sexual strategies and condom effectiveness. Our children stay out even later than the adults. These days, no body can use the F-u word more than our children. And they seem to invent new curse words, expressions and gestures every passing day.

All of this suggest that something is terribly wrong with today’s parenting. The problem stems from the glorification of sex and the “male sexual conquest”, especially of our black men. You see, men are being socialized–let me rephrase that: boys are being socialized by all around them (family, friends, the community) that all growing up is about is your ability to have and use an erection. All our young men focus on is how can a vagina be had.

The ultimate end is that while the female is seeking a stable relationship to have a family and to keep her man, the man is looking for non stop sex. When the woman figures out she is valued only for the relief of her partner’s back, problems occur. And when the babies come  on the scene, the men do not really love or want a child around them. For one thing pregnancy means sex has to be on the back seat for 9 months and after that the woman has to devote much of her time to baby caring. No time for private sexing. Also, the man has to face the realization that his woman is going to be expecting him to be supplying money to regularly take care of the child.

Most of our children are growing up realizing that their daddy really doesn’t want a thing to do with them. A lot of them leave to find “sense’ out there on the street. There is strength in numbers; the growing youth gangs is evidence of this.

In Philadelphia the local government is understanding the fundamentals of this. The mayor has said very sternly and clearly that if men do not want to take care of their children, they should not make them. The city is not running a baby sitting service, he warned.

Women have sex to start a family with one man. Men have sex so that they can get what the lady has. Men are not having sex because they want to be a parent. The men care aboutthe process, they do not care about the product.

Therein lies the societal problems of fatherless homes and street filled, angry, dysfunctional children. When this generation of boys in particular grows up, what is going to happen to families if they decide that because they grew up without a father then their children must do the same?

Human society may very well come like that of the animal kingdom where a male dog just goes looking for a bitch when it is mating season. Bam! Slam! Thank you madam. Then they walk away and do not look back.

Let us see how the curfew in Philadelphia turns out. More societies need to come forward with their own state implemented curfew. It is becoming quite clear that mothers alone cannot control or rear their children. Look at the many children involved in the London riots. Even girls were arrested.

It is time, too, that parents be asked to attend parenting classes, especially our men. In fact, any man who registers having more than one woman at a time, or who has been in relationships with different women during a six month or a twelve month period should be made to attend such classes.

If not, these parents of at risk children should be held accountable and be confined to supervised labour where the rewards of that labour goes directly to the woman and child (women and children) not being taken care of.

Something has to give. Otherwise, it is society that will give way.

Justin Bieber                                                          

Until a couple years ago the words Justin Bieber only meant an identifiable expression to close friends and family of the then unassuming child. But many things in life are connected to the proverbial domino effect and so with the advent of the Internet and its cousins–the social networks–the circumstances were aligned for a little known Justin to upload some simple home videos for mutual family fun and bonding.

Since then the name Justin Bieber has become unanimous with teenage stardom and the all pursued get rich quick philosophy of the masses of “huslas” youths. Justin has had a sudden change of status and his whole living experience really, that most can only hope to come close to experience via the movies or a good book.

The  global following that he has received from his fellow teens have been largely due to his down to earth attributes as a person. talk with his childhood friends and those who first  sampled his music and you are sure to find out that it was Justin’s physical features, voice quality and humble personality that generated an ascent to the position of a teen idol.

The world probably needed someone to come on the scene at the time when Justin did. One of the world’s most recognizable face and voices had just been silenced. Michael Jackson, how for so many years had epitomized life itself by his extraordinary performances died in 2009. The world of pop music was therefore in some form of mourning and had a vacancy to fill.

A close look at the new multimillion dollar star will now reveal some rather grown up changes that may be an indication that the Justin Bieber that the virgin fans fell in love with has evolved into the superstar Justin Bieber. Fans will observe that his outfits are taking on a permanent on-stage look and the teen is also brandishing earing(s).  The hairstyle is no longer reflective of the simple down to earth child of a few years ago.

One of the biggest changes though, probably has to do with Justin’s emotional or love life. He has, after a few days of denial, jumped headlong into a relationship with Selena Gomez, another teen performer. While they both undoubtedly will have some things in common, one has to wonder to what extent Justin is in control of his personal and even professional life. The world has been privy to the couples rather intimately romantic adventures.  It is no accident that the word virgin was used earlier in this post; however, has stardom catapulted Justin from his own virginity or to embark on a journey of validating the “new cow” theory? Not too long ago the viral information was of a possible break-up of the teen couple over a simple text from Justin to another young lady.

Justin and his girlfriend

Justin’s parents in the earlies were doing what they could to ensure that their son still has a normal coming of age experience. Somehow I don’t think that the influx of monies from performances, product deals and royalties are compatible with that. A look at the  personal lives of stars will reveal that in over 90% of the cases, their relationships seem to last as long as the pair of shoe that they wear. Has Justin been prepared for the emotional seesaw of relationships, especially at such a tender years?

Being a globally recognized figure is always fun. Until it sets in that the media never, ever stops following your every move and action. While Justin has a competent team of advisors I can’t help but wonder if his young emotional needs and concerns are at the heart of the advice given to him. When your friends or advisors suddenly start seeing you as $$ signs and no longer as a human being first—things will never be the same.

The history of child stars as well shows that in too many cases, particularly after their careers have matured and reached a state of decline, they are unable to make a smooth adjustment to life as a regular guy again. Some years ago Jonathan Brandis was a handsomely popular television star. He hanged himself in his room after his career started sliding down a slippery rope. River Phoenix, backed by fame and fortune, sacrificed his existence to illicit drugs usage. Recently, Amy Winehouse died from complications it would seem stemming from alcohol use. (I was wondering the other day if it is a coincidence that someone  with the name Winehouse became an alcoholic).

The intent of this post is to act as a catalyst for a modestly objective but urgent intervention at rehabilitating Justin Bieber so that he can handle his new life. The information suggests that Justin is being considered as a “brat” by persons who are closest to him in his business ventures. He alledgedly made a lot of passengers on a recent flight very uncomfortable by his actions. He refused to give the pilot an autograph as well. Refusing autographs seems also to be a new habit of Justin’s. It seems to me that something is going to give soon where Justin’s stardom is concerned.

There are more negatively ending lives and careers of once-popular child stars that  are all around. Is Justin Bieber surrounded by genuine people who don’t put money-making above life-saving? Is Justin happy with himself? What plans are in place for life after the stage or the glitter of it all?

For those of us who grew up in the eighties it can really and truly be said that was the golden age of television. Even now one can just listen to the background music of a film, or watch a split second scene of action and recognize a production of the 1980s.

Immediately, I recall Knight Rider and the A-Team. Although they were not feature movies as such, the impact of these two series are phenomenal. I have always said that in order to create a great story thee must be something unusual placed in the usually mundane environment. Additionally, the actors who played the leading roles worked well together on-screen and kept the audience with them all the time.

Other series that I particularly enjoyed watching on Saturdays would have included Airwolf, Street Hawk and Charles in Charge, a sitcom presentation.

A few weeks ago I sat back and looked at Starz Encore Action as they showed The Jewel of the Nile. I was taken way back down memory lane. The youthfulness of Danny Devito and Michael Douglas was amazing to see; it was a vivid reminder that we all grow older and that life is to be enjoyed at all ages. The metaphoric use of jewel in this movie as well I thought was a good technique of holding the audience’s attention.

One of my all time favourite movie has to be Lethal Weapon 2. My gosh! Talk about building action. Talk about no retreat no surrender! (which is another 80s classic by the way). But Danny Glover and the energetic Mel Gibson gave the crooks  run for their money. What I particularly enjoy with lethal Weapon 2 is the fact that evil, as manifested by the bad guys from South Africa, is never able to get the upper hand by use of threat, intimidation or openly brutal force. Whatever action the crooks take the crime-fighting duo comes back with just as much or even more “reasonable force” to show who is really the boss. This is great, non-stop action and humour, along with calculated romance, from beginning to end.

I have also loved the movie “Batteries Not Included, a movie that combined sci-fi special effects with down to earth family love and friendship. This movie had introduced me to the now deceased Jessica Tandy. She outplayed herself in this role. The combination of the characters of the tenants in this dilapidated apartment building added to the unpredictability of the plot. Again, if you want an unforgettable story, put the extraordinary into the ordinary.

And who can forget Driving Miss Daisey and Lean on Me? Two of the classical works of actor Morgan Freeman. In Driving Miss Daisey by the way, Jessica Tandy played the leading female role. Dan Akroyd from the Ghostbusters hall of fame also completed the eclectic cast in this movie. I thought the humility and loveable traits of the characters, especially Morgan Freeman, were special indeed.

In a previous post I talked about  Stand By Me. This movie just hit me right there. In the emotions. I have always valued friendships and I was able to identify with the story line a lot. The words of the writer at the end I found so very real: “I have never had any friends like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?”  As any of us grows older we are able to appreciate coming of age films, especially when the characterization is something we can connect with.

Just yesterday I am learning of the death of “Bubba” Smith. He  was Officer Hightower in the 1980s Police Academy series. His size, strength and usual silence helped cement those films in the annals of entertainment history. I doubt there is anyone on the planet who can watch any of the Police Academy films and not have a good laugh.

For a while, after the decade of the 80s there were some great films. “What a damn night!” My line from American Ninja. The bumbling partnership of the actors of Kangaroo Jack cannot be easily matched for their humour, in my opinion. Few other movies have added humour and good happy laughter to the audience. I recall the first time i watched “Its’s a Guy Thing” that I almost had cardiac arrest from the apparently inexplicable events. The scenes when the police announce they have found and arrested a suspect bearing an identical match to the phony details provided by the main character and again when the pastor kept asking for anyone to come forward to object to the wedding both blew me away. Seriously!

Within the last few years I have to admit that my love for movies have dropped. I see Hollywood remaking a lot of earlier classics, and sometimes with terrible results. I felt sad that  Superman Returns could not have been produced with a better plot and simpler love story. The character of Superman was really never given the chance in the movie to “return”. It seems to me that Superman was the least super of all the characters.

Another path I see Hollywood taking is to make sequels to the prequels that often turn the audience off. Hollywood needs to learn that having a good prequel does not necessitate always making sequels. I really don’t think that the growing young generation today really knows what makes a great entertaining film.

A major ingredient of the films of yesteryear must be the wholesome family values and respect shown to people’s bodies. A movie does not have to contain gross curse words, bloody baths and terrorism-attack like scenes of horror or torture to be a good movie. When you get a chance you must compare a love scene shot in today’s movies to a love scene shot in the 1980s or that era. The differences will surprise. I end this post with a quote from the  CEO of Dreamsworks studio., producers of Madagascar, Jeffrey Katzenberg.

“The last seven or eight months of movies is the worst lineup of movies you’ve experienced in the last five years of your life. They suck. It’s unbelievable how bad movies have been.”

“Most of us men like women, you know; it’s just that we find them a constant
disappointment….sometimes God bless you with one which is a keeper”

I came across the above statement on face book earlier today and thought right away that it will make for an interesting dialogue. In every generation, in every society, among every people group the heart-break often experienced in relationships is all too common. You cannot run out of love songs that speak to the disappointment from opening and giving your heart to someone.

The above statement is obviously from the view-point of a man. let me be clear in stating that I am not a misogynist so the object of this post is not to be seen as a women-bashing opportunity. I am pretty certain that women may be saying the same thing as well.

However, the statement implies that after constant disappointments a “blessing” comes in the form of a keeper. In our Caribbean vernacular and culture having a keeper means that there is now a third person in the relationship: a love triangle, an extra-marital affair or just a one night stand.

But why do people in relationships often get disappointed. I will propose it is because one or both parties at some point no longer is willing to  continue the adaptation process to continue the connection with the other person.  There are persons, having lived with each other for decades are still learning new things about their partners. Additionally, to grow and remain in love one must each day one wakes “choose” to love and accept the significant other.

In today’s dating arena it is often expected that it is okay to find the easy way out and separate and move on. If we follow the trending patterns of those who have  the good life we might arrive at the erroneous conclusion that having a partner for an intimate relationship is rather like having tires for your vehicle, clothes in your closet, or shoes lined up under the bed somewhere. In other words, we are prepared to have a different partner for the different seasons or situations in life.

One of the very sad things about experiencing disappointments in relationships is that if one is not careful one will not venture into the cold waters of love again. And that community of unwilling lovers seems to be silently growing. And having your heart-broken is not restricted to class, age, sex or ethnicity. Not too long ago, a young man informed me that he spent a night crying because he had so easily and openly given his heart to his girlfriend–even posting love notes on face book and msn messenger–only to be told by the young lady that she does not want him. And both of them are in their teen years.

People in the “Heart Break Hotel” also are victims or perpetrators of violence. Not too long ago while  at a church function I had to intervene in a situation where a young man in his twenties literally pushed, kicked and box his alleged girl friend. His explanation was that he was tired of the girl “making the public laugh at him.” It seemed that the young lady was telling him she wants some space but he happened to be in the vicinity and saw her waiting for another man. And she had reportedly told him she was in another location just moments before via the telephone.

Can couples really successfully safe guard themselves against disappointments in relationships? What are your own experiences? Have you been the cause of someone’s disappointment? Or were you on the receiving end of the disappointment? This is indeed a moot that is deserving of an open and honest dialogue. Let us use the blogosphere to share and learn from each other.

I guess there is no parent who finds it easy to relinquish their protective hold on their growing children, particularly the girl children. It is nature that from the onset of puberty and the activation of hormonal changes, the child now enters a world of some experiences that at first may be scary or unwelcomed. I am certain if you quiz a sample of the ladies you know about their reactions to their  first menstrual cycle, or “period,” you will almost certainly get at least one tale of a very frightened little girl who was scared to death because she believed she was about to die from bleeding.

And that female baptism into puberty has propelled many a parent to say to their baby girl, “You can’t play with boys anymore now.” The confused child is left wondering why.

But in some parts of Africa, the motherland of us Blacks here in the Caribbean, parents have found an easier way to safeguard their young adolescent girls against an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy.

As soon as the girl begins to develop physically into the  coca-cola shaped adult, she will begin to have a daily dose of breast ironing.

Older readers may recall  rural life before electricity and the electric iron. Do you remember having to keep the  “iron” in the coalpot until it was red-hot?  Two alternating irons would be used to maintain the required heat at all times during the ironing process.

Well, for these girls in Africa, it was not school uniforms or church clothes that are being pressed; it is their precious growing breasts. (Their parents  really do not want the girls shaking what God gave them.)

The idea behind the ironing of the breasts is that the repeating exposure to the intense heat would slow the growth of the breasts; therefore, if the breasts do not become protruding or give rise to cleavidge, then the boys and young men will find the girls less sexually attractive and will not pursue any relationships with them.

You will have to determine if the ends justifies the means.

There are also documented situations among tribal groups in Africa where, instead of ironing the breasts at puberty’s inception, an older male relative of the girl will have sex with her and make her pregnant,  thereby averting any future relationships with the boys in the village.

Again, you decide if the ends justifies the means.

So, most of us are in the Caribbean because our foreparents came across the Atlantic as slaves. Who knows, if not for slavery, maybe you would have been in Africa right now under a hot iron, having your breasts ironed.

Slavery actually has some good in it, right?

On the other hand, the annual statistics released from the statistical department continues to show that teenage girls in this country continue to give over 300 births. That is a staggering realization. Each year, over 300 of our age 13-16 girls are getting pregnant.

And if you can get pregnant then you can also get a sexually transmitted infection like AIDS.

In 2000, the St Vincent and the Grenadines Family Planning Association conducted a research called Save the Nation’s Face in which they found out that by age 13, one of every four (25%)  Vincentians was already having sex; by age 18, three of every four (75%) Vincentians were having sex.

In light of the just mentioned figures, will our society benefit if we start the practice of ironing the breasts of our young girls here in St Vincent and the Grenadines?

The above stats  will mean that only 25% or one-quarter of the Vincentian population at the legal adult age are virgins. But that was almost twenty years ago. There has been a proliferation of condoms, even for women today, so one might probably be safe to assume that the percentage of Vincentian virgins has decreased since the early 2000s.

So, was a former Vincentian prime minister right when he said that Jesus could not have been born in St Vincent because there are no virgins on the island?

Hmmm…..let us think critically on these things.

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