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This summer has seen a lot of violence being perpetrated in many western societies. Many of these acts of terrorizing crimes have been done by the young generations.You will recall I posted about the London riots, the growth of flash mobs and the curfew imposed in Philadelphia to keep minors off the streets.Recently, the government of Trinidad and Tobago also imposed some curfew hours on the island to contain gang war fare and related crimes. In a most unusual development, here is  what a young female Trinidadian teenager had to say about the curfew and her leader. While the language is graphic, it shows the reality of our young generation’s connection and appreciation of the societies and institutions that are there to safeguard the public’s interest. When this upcoming generation gets to be in charge later on what changes in our social fabric are we likely to see as a result?

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Philadelphia Police Pick up a Teen breaking the 9pm curfew

Last night was a historic occasion that marked a crossing of the Rubicon where government involvement in looking after children is concerned. In a move that has raised some eye brows the city of brotherly love is taking measures to save its teenagers. It seems that many of the parents are unwilling or unable to keep their teens under control.

Unfortunately, the majority of the children who have been congregating by using social media communication services are of black ethnicity. The mayor of Philadelphia, himself a black man, is fed up of the rowdy and antisocial behaviour of teens on the streets.

So what happens to the children who are out after hours?

Their first detention will see them being sent or taken home; in lieu of that they will be taken to the police station where their parents or legal guardians must pick them up. The children can also be fined anywhere between $100 and $300 on the first incident. If there is no involvement by the parents in a relatively short time then the matter will be investigated by the Department of Human Services.
But the parents are also being held accountable for their children’ or wards malpractice. The parents may be called upon to pay a fine of anything below $500. If their children continue to be out late at nights then the parents will be imprisoned for ninety days. And, of course, any damage or injury caused by their children while out after hours will be paid or settled by the parents.

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At last somebody has the grit to do something to save the future. I look forward to such a practice by the law enforcement in my country.

Finally, somebody has the guts to come out and say it! City officials in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, are putting their foot down. As of tonight, any person under age eighteen found out and about on the streets will be taken into custody. Additionally, the mayor’s office is sending a strong warning to parents that if their children have to be picked up off the streets after hours, then the law enforcement officials are likely to come after the parents as well.

I applaud the Philadelphia mayor!

The curfew is being instituted to deal with youth gangs and mob violence. And this is important. Many children, not only inAmerica, are growing up and living as adults before they understand what it means to be a child. This is a dangerous practice that has been ongoing for some time now in many societies. It seems that as soon as a child reaches puberty at age nine or ten he or she is an expert on marijuana use, alcohol consumption, sexual strategies and condom effectiveness. Our children stay out even later than the adults. These days, no body can use the F-u word more than our children. And they seem to invent new curse words, expressions and gestures every passing day.

All of this suggest that something is terribly wrong with today’s parenting. The problem stems from the glorification of sex and the “male sexual conquest”, especially of our black men. You see, men are being socialized–let me rephrase that: boys are being socialized by all around them (family, friends, the community) that all growing up is about is your ability to have and use an erection. All our young men focus on is how can a vagina be had.

The ultimate end is that while the female is seeking a stable relationship to have a family and to keep her man, the man is looking for non stop sex. When the woman figures out she is valued only for the relief of her partner’s back, problems occur. And when the babies come  on the scene, the men do not really love or want a child around them. For one thing pregnancy means sex has to be on the back seat for 9 months and after that the woman has to devote much of her time to baby caring. No time for private sexing. Also, the man has to face the realization that his woman is going to be expecting him to be supplying money to regularly take care of the child.

Most of our children are growing up realizing that their daddy really doesn’t want a thing to do with them. A lot of them leave to find “sense’ out there on the street. There is strength in numbers; the growing youth gangs is evidence of this.

In Philadelphia the local government is understanding the fundamentals of this. The mayor has said very sternly and clearly that if men do not want to take care of their children, they should not make them. The city is not running a baby sitting service, he warned.

Women have sex to start a family with one man. Men have sex so that they can get what the lady has. Men are not having sex because they want to be a parent. The men care aboutthe process, they do not care about the product.

Therein lies the societal problems of fatherless homes and street filled, angry, dysfunctional children. When this generation of boys in particular grows up, what is going to happen to families if they decide that because they grew up without a father then their children must do the same?

Human society may very well come like that of the animal kingdom where a male dog just goes looking for a bitch when it is mating season. Bam! Slam! Thank you madam. Then they walk away and do not look back.

Let us see how the curfew in Philadelphia turns out. More societies need to come forward with their own state implemented curfew. It is becoming quite clear that mothers alone cannot control or rear their children. Look at the many children involved in the London riots. Even girls were arrested.

It is time, too, that parents be asked to attend parenting classes, especially our men. In fact, any man who registers having more than one woman at a time, or who has been in relationships with different women during a six month or a twelve month period should be made to attend such classes.

If not, these parents of at risk children should be held accountable and be confined to supervised labour where the rewards of that labour goes directly to the woman and child (women and children) not being taken care of.

Something has to give. Otherwise, it is society that will give way.

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