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First international flight lands at the Argyle International Airport (courtesy Elroy Martin’s facebook)

The Argyle International Airport opens in St Vincent and the Grenadines today, February 14, 2017, ushering in a totally new era in the socioeconomic journey of this small multi-island state. At $729, 000, 000, it is by far the largest capital project in our country’s thirty seven years’ history as an independent nation. The international airport was an accomplishment which many believed could not be successfully done, but one politician’s ambitious goal became the nation’s golden egg. As the saying goes, even a blind man can see that the realization of an international airport for St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) is bigger than any one man, any one government, any one political party.

A new future is now possible. Tomorrow’s history has been changed infinitely.

Vincentians can now feel as citizens of this modern globalized world. Without a doubt, this was a dream for many generations of past Vincentians; to many, it was the kind of dream that you thought was silly because it was practically far-fetched, or was useless to pursue as it was not going to happen in your life time.

Now much has been said about the almost unlimited challenges and delays associated with the building of the Argyle International Airport. But it is the future challenges which this airport brings to our Vincentian citizens that I wish to speak to in this post.

I felt a sense of the political maturing of our island’s politics when the new leader of the oppositions commented in parliament that the international airport is too big a project to fail. He stressed the need for all Vincentians to work together in order to guarantee the success of the Argyle International Airport (AIA). I commend his wisdom. Effective leadership will periodically require a leader to bow graciously to the achievement and success of opponents. We should never allow the trees of our selfish wants to block our view of the forest of our country’s progress and well-being.

Vincentians of all walks of life are converging at Argyle today to witness the many historic landings and take-offs by regional and more so, international carriers. Some three international flights will touch down at the airport today.

But these flights have been chartered. Come tomorrow, the airport will be empty as all the supporters and party enthusiasts return to their various places of residence or occupational localities. I would hope that the relevant arms of government would have been in deep negotiations with business and tourism markets to foster a desire for people to want to travel to SVG.

However, that is one side of the coin.

The other side is that we need to begin changing the expectations and attitudes of our people here in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Having an international airport must not be allowed to be only thought of as a one day public holiday event to go watch inaugural flights, drink and be merry, and then return from whence we came.

Now is the critical time that a new educational thrust be initialized in schools, villages, liming places, community centers, places of work, social media, electronic and print media–all with the purpose of helping locals to understand and feel the new possibilities that an international airport brings. This is a life-changing development for all our people.

Beginning today, simple, varied, but new linkage industries must start to blossom on mainland St Vincent and in the 32 Grenadines islands. We must begin to cultivate and show forth opportunities, attractions and localized experiences that will make visitors, investors and people from various parts around the world want to come to SVG.

We cannot just sit back and wonder where are all the international flights. We must not allow ourselves to have to indefinitely continue to travel to  regional hubs for our connecting flights to other parts of the world.The government, in particularly the prime minister, has given us all this new international airport. Now we must give sustainable life to the airport. It’s a time when all the creative, critical thinking and entrepreneurial skills of Vincentians must be set ablaze.

This is a national day of thanksgiving to the Lord. Long live the Argyle International Airport.





The magic of the holidays are once again fading as another new year gets lost deeper in the 2017 calendar. Someone commented on cable television that if only the celebratory mood, goodwill, carefree hours and ample food and drinks could last all year round. That is synonymous with the writer who penned the wish that every day should be Christmas Day.

Well, the reality is that every day is not a holiday. I suppose the last week in December and the first week in January are the days when the inner urge to believe in the empowerment of self through resolutions is at its strongest. But soon after the public holiday of January 1, and the world seems to disembark from the fantasy of best wishes and peaceful co-existence that it fights so contagiously to create each year, the dreariness and  imperfections of the human culture once again nibble away at your consciousness. Who knows, maybe some people who dislike the holidays, or who don’t celebrate them, do so for this very reason: they believe in their simple wisdom of  not giving themselves an end of year “high” only to have to jump off to a crashing low on January 2nd. Prevention is always better than cure, isn’t that so?

But a fundamental challenge still exists. How do you brace yourself to face the onslaught of the upcoming twelve months? Can the good intentions of those new year’s resolutions carry their weight? Unfortunately, we all know that by the time February slips around many of us are already soiled and buffed by daily work and personal activities that we unconsciously laugh at ourselves for having been foolish enough to having adopted a “new year new you” philosophy.

Is it really a waste of time to try to change ourselves or our lifestyles at the beginning of the year? Are such yearly ambitions doomed to failure, a mere reshuffling of the chairs on the deck of the Titanic?

I suggest that the problem is we tend to put faith in the calendar time period of the holidays as well as the human camouflage of a purposefully feel-good campaign of goodwill to all men. When we do that, we miss a universal truth which whispers in our ears every day of the year. The power to change is always present in every human being. Our failure is that we marginalize and trivialize the key ingredient of our will power.

Think about it. Don’t you make decisions during the rest of the year? Don’t you follow through with these decisions which result in necessary change and betterment of your living conditions? Those decisions are impactful because we determined in ourselves not to deviate from them. We make up our minds that we will not falter.

Similarly, life changing decisions can be made at the end or the start of any year. We just have to make sure that the decisions are being made, not on the man-made high of the fairy tale holiday season, but on our own desire for really being different and wanting a better existence. If we truly look at the man in the mirror and make up our own minds about wanting to do something to make us better off then we can make such a decision in January, June or November.

The beginning of the year is as a good a time as any to ask ourselves what we really want. Reflect on your situations and decide the personal outcome which you would want to see become your reality. I was inspired last year when a  graduate student said that the best way to plan for the future is to create it. Those are powerful words. There comes a time when we must come to an awareness that it is our duty to create and own the upcoming days, weeks, months and years in our lives. But as most of us begin to grow into our own, because we are not accustomed making life changing decisions for ourselves, we somehow procrastinate and look for a green light of permission from other people around us.

That is a habit which we must stop with immediate effect. Just as persons who would have been in the arena of success have made their own decisions, you who have not before known success have that same human right and responsibility to master your destiny through your decisions. And there is no better time to start that today.

Yes, home and work responsibilities, coupled with environmental stress, will continue to permeate our lives in 2017. The headlines making news are probably not going to get any better either. The possibility of some new “mosquito-borne” disease is also likely to be named this year, too.

But nothing that is happening around you can deter or stop the decision that is made within you.

Again, the question is being asked: What do you want for yourself and your life in 2017? After you have answered that question, know to yourself that you have the ability to do what it takes to make your answer your 2017 reality. There might have to be hours of hard, non-enjoyable work, but work hard anyway. You might have to burn the midnight oil while everybody else is sleeping, but stay up late anyway.Very few months or years will pass without soe form of human conflicts, quarrels or arguments, but pick your quarrels and confrontations astutely, and battle on anyway. After all, didn’t even the Bible, through the wisest man, say that there is a time for peace and a time for war?

In fulfilling the legacy of the made up mind we must never forget that the next December will come. Now this might seem like foolish thinking in March and July, but if there is one fact that is irrefutable it is this: time does not stop moving. No matter how good or how bad right now may be, time will continue to move on. If you don’t believe me, just look at your watch. Isn’t the seconds quietly ticking away? Then surely, the time of your payoff will come.

So, if you know that time cannot stop in the present, then your fuel that drives your passion must be that when that future time comes in December, you will be in a position to enjoy the future reality which you decided you wanted for yourself in January.

Although I’m using the new year’s resolution practice as the main argument here, the same principle applies in every area of life, in every situation. If you are hoping to pass exams in June, make up your mind now to push ahead; June will come and you will pass. If it is a matter of health, of wealth, of family, of community or of longevity, make up your mind right now and don’t back down when the going gets tough. You will find it easier to carry on with your made up mind’s decision because you already expected the tough times.

But remember as they say–tough times don’t last but tough people do.

So whatever road you are on at the start of 2017, let’s raise our glasses of a made up mind and drink to the situations of the next twelve months which we would look back on at this time next year as the defining times that cemented our better future. Happy new year, everybody.




Alton Sterling is shot dead by police during an incident captured on the mobile phone video camera of shop owner Abdullah Muflahi in Baton Rouge

 Still images from video show Alton Sterling as he is shot dead by police during an incident captured on the mobile phone camera of shop owner Abdullah Muflahi in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S. July 5, 2016. Video taken July 5, 2016. Abdullah Muflahi/Handout via REUTERS


The visually shocking deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille, two black men shot by white police in America this week, and the assassination of multiple police officers by Micah Xavier Johnson in Dallas last night, have brought the ugly head of the racial divide in America to the focus this weekend. America is not going to get better until the sophisticated cultural cycle of public speeches, “thoughts and prayers”, vigils and protests, along with the finality of grand juries acquittal is broken.

Something has got to give. And Micah Xavier, Johnson, the 25 year old American veteran “hero” who regrettably used his military training and guns to kill some white Dallas police may in time turn out to be the “something” that has started to give in the home of the brave and land of the free, where if you are white you can look forward to enjoying the American Dream, but if you are black you are continuously served a life-long dish of an American nightmare, especially as it relates to how the white police officers generally treats you.

President Obama in Poland quoted the troubling statistics that black people are likely to be arrested and suffer prejudicially racial profiling than their white counterparts in the USA. Even people who do not live in the states have experienced the traditional demeaning treatments from America’s generally white policemen. of course, there are good white police officers who would respect the black people they encounter in their work duties. But this does not mean that there are not those white police officers who seem to be quietly waiting for that chance to show black people who is the boss and executioner.

America is yet to openly confront and admit to the evils of slavery–evils which continue to  impact black people living in the USA in the 21st century. Incidentally, I am not subscribing to labelling of black people there as “African American” because those who created such labels have shown their desire to have their own race reign superior by not accepting their own label of “European Americans”. Indeed, as pointed out by President Obama this week, unless you are a native American, then all your ancestors at one point were immigrants and illegal aliens.

These are the subtle prejudices which continue to slowly mix ingredients in a latent racially-nuclear reactor. According to the fiancé of Philando Castille, who witnessed first hand his execution during a routine traffic stop, the police are there not to protect and serve them as black citizens, but to assassinate or kill them. The young man’s mother commented that her son’s only wrong doing was that he was “black in the wrong place”.

By now you most likely have seen the videos of the killing of Philando Castille and the immediate aftermath of the shooting death of Alton Sterling. It’s about the umpteenth time black families are going through such viciously insulting loss at the hands (or guns) of white police officers. From my own observational experience of such deaths, the pain is even more severe because even though the black community puts its tail between its legs and play “nice boy” by having peaceful protests and allowing the law to run its due process, the result is generally always the same: the police officers are never found guilty or are never disciplined or punished.

So, in other words, the families of black men gunned down by white police over the years are never realky given satisfaction. And that hurts. The whole world have looked on as time and time again the justice system, including grand juries, have said these accused white police did nothing wrong when they shot and killed blackmen who were not posing a life threat to them at the time of their deaths.

I recall how Tamir Rice, a child, playing with a toy gun was shot and killed TWO seconds after the police arrived on the scene. It hurt like hell to hear at the end of due process that the officers did the right thing.

I also remember Treyvon Martin, killed suspiciously by a bullet from self appointed neighbourhood watchman George Zimmerman. After all the glamour and fan fare of the due process of law, George Zimmerman was told he is an innocent man. Not too long ago, George Zimmerman put the same gun he used to kill Treyvon Martin up for auction. I think I was told he had an offer of over one hundred thousand dollars for that killer-gun.

Just recently, too, the officers who were charged with the choking death of another black man were basically told they had done nothing wrong. This, as the courts said the accused who had the greatest evidence against him, was free to go because he had only done his duty as a police officer. If you saw this particular video you would have heard the black man coughing out the words “I can’t breathed” as he is choked to the ground and his death.

So, in a lot of ways, the American justice system has set the precedent that police officers are to be commended for doing their just duty in instances when they have suspiciously murdered black men.

Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the Congress released a statement earlier today in which he condemened the attack on the police in Dallas. Nothing is wrong with condemning the actions of Micah Xavier Johnson, but what makes me shake my hed is that Paul Ryan and the majority of the US representatives do not lift a finger, issue a statement or pass any legislation when black people are killed by police. They don’t even want to stop mass shootings in America. When the Democrats held a 224 hour sit in as a means of getting a vote on gun control bills, Speaker Ryan’s response was to dismiss it as a publicity stunt and to start investigations to see if or how the Democrats in the House can be punished. Apparently, the rights of the carriers of guns–and the rights of mass shooters–are more important to Paul Ryan and other republicans than the lives and hut of families of shooting victims.

I suspect that the black people in America have grown allergic reactions to the taste of the American Nightmare forced on them whenever they try to find their piece of the pie known as the American Dream. What Micah Xavier Johnson did was terrible but as he himself said, he did it because he is hurt and angry at the killing of black men by white police officers. That one of America’s very own beloved veterans could turn on them and murder police officers show clearly that the racial injustice meted out to black people in the USA over the years has reached a boiling point of no return.

It’s no longer acceptable to allow the courts and legal system to investigate, go to court only to get the right of way to tell accused white police officers that they didn’t do any wrong when they killed black men. Neither the police nor the black people in America should feel that they are being hunted; however, America is really overdoing a good joke with all the no convictions, no punishments for white officers who execute black people time and time again.


I was one of the more than seven million persons who was touched by the above video of convict Arthur Booth crying uncontrollably in a courtroom when he realized that his judge, Mindy Glazer, was his childhood classmate when both of them were innocent and had their full lives ahead of them. It was thirty five odd years before this emotionally unplanned or unwanted reunion but back in school, like any human being, they  had the possibility of becoming anything they wanted.

One of the sad truths about life that came home to me as I read the background story of Arthur Booth and Mindy Glazer is that life does move on, whether or not one is prepared for the future. The schoolboy  Arthur Booth was shown to be exceptionally gifted in Science and Mathematics. His family and friends recall that Arthur Booth wanted to grow up and become a neurosurgeon. Mindy Glazer’s ambition was to become a lawyer.

But only one of these two beautifully intelligent children was able to fulfil their life’s dreams.

What went wrong for Arthur Booth?

His personal love and desire for the thrill of gambling subtly led him to petty theft which ultimately coerced him into an addicted user of crack cocaine. Arthur Booth dropped out of school at age seventeen. He was in  grade 11 or Form 4 as it is known in my part of the world.

The second life lesson I mournfully  grasped from Arthur Booth’s life story is that success itself is not final just because you have had a good life which has positioned you to be a success. By that same token, the opposite is equally true. Because a person’s life began with poverty, “bad luck” or fewer opportunities than normal people, it does not mean that such persons are doomed to a life of failure.

People with good plans or dreams for their future must quickly recognize, identify and eliminate their specific life distractors which are meant to  sabotage, derail and destroy  their best laid plans and their very future.

Now at age 49, Arthur Booth has spent more than half his life in prison. In fact, though the judge was his friend in school, and sympathized with him, she had to follow the law and impose a $43 000 bond on “the best kid” she remembers from their days in school. Unfortunately, Arthur Booth’s family cannot afford to pay the bond and so, even as this post is being composed, Arthur Booth is still behind bars.


A third life lesson that Arthur Booth’s life story has brought home to me is the recollection of our spiritual heritage and truths. That is,  God has created us with all good things necessary for our best successful life. From a wonderful planet to personal skills, we are all positioned by God to achieve a very good purpose. That purpose is made even more realistic and attainable when we accept the forgiveness, eternal life and empowerment found in God’s Son, Jesus Christ, our Saviour, Lord and soon-to-be Judge.

However, God’s archenemy, Satan, contrives to present every life with seemingly tasty, harmless and innocent distractions. These are the agents of our demise and anti-future manipulators. It really is true that there is a way which seems right to a man but the end thereof are the ways of death. None of us will ever achieve our goals if we do not abandon our own desires for immediate fun and pleasure satisfaction.

The future is there for those who value it more than the present.

People who become failures often sacrifice their future so that they can enjoy themselves  in the present. But successful people do the opposite. They sacrifice their present for their future. In other words, successful people accept present day inconvenience, hard work, even boredom and loneliness, so that their future will be filled with enjoyment because their dreams have come true.

A  primary reason I started this blog was to establish a forerunner to the dream of being a published author. It’s now as I reflect that, by focusing on some pettifogging present day “needs”, I have been distracted in the pursuit of that particular dream. I thank Arthur Booth for serving as a timely wake up and re-evaluation for my own aspirations. So on the tenth anniversary of my mother’s death, I shall be launching my first published literary work.

People around the world have been wishing Arthur Booth well. They really hope he can turn his life around. One of the few good things about his imprisonment so far has been that he has been able to kick his addiction to cocaine. He now needs to rid his life of his gambling addictions. With God on the inside and good friends and family on the outside, Arthur Booth can still change.

We all can change.

Let’s all start today by recognizing simple actions and sacrifices we can and must make to make our inevitable future the one where the dreams in our hearts and minds can finally live in our days and nights. I hope you, too, will take away some inspirationally life-changing lessons from Arthur Booth’s life story.

Diamond Friend

 (NB: This post has been updated on January 5, 2017)

Today’s world is in dire need of good news. Literally. This post strives to do just that by introducing you to a youngster from the country of Guyana who is proving himself a diamond friend to all in his sphere of influence. Cardel Hunte is not ashamed to be identified with his Christian upbringing–even at the early age of sixteen. This is a young man who is indeed proud of his identity and God-given blessings. In fact, in the past week Cardel just completed his CSEC examinations which saw him writing twelve (12) exams in the field of science.


One of Cardel’s talents is that of writing poems. He has written multiple poems. Here is one of his poems called “Courage”.

“Always be the brighter not the darker,

always be the eye in the storm,

beware some may try to break you but be wise,

open your eyes. tear the veil off of your true friends,

they might not be what you see,

some say seeing is believing.

but no, believing is seeing

how can you preach to others when your life is a mess?

whiten your garments before you can talk about others,

know yourself and always be confident.

it’s not he mirror that tells the answer

it’s the reflection you see after”

In an age when many people use social media merely as a place to find out other people’s business or to add to the many troubling social issues of the day, Cardel often uses his facebook page as a tool for spreading positive influence which seems to be always oozing from within his inner being. Below you can read for yourself one of his posts from 2016.


It’s interesting to note that Cardel introduces this particular post in his usual creative style: “The number you have dialed is not in service”. And certainly, it’s a message that people all across the globe can be encouraged by.

Cardel has a very active role in his local church in Guyana. for some time leaders and decision makers in the region have been lamenting the absence of our men folk; hence, it is encouraging that this young man is doing what he can to actively combat male marginalization. Cardel is a gifted singer. Indeed, he is an enthusiastic worship leader among his youthful peers and youth department.


The picture above shows a celebratory pose after Cardel and a group of friends emerged winners of a church night of drama.

In the summer of 2016 Cardel had the opportunity of a lifetime to be one of a handful of young Guyanese nationals to travel to the USA as a Youth Ambassador. While in the states he was involved with relevant training and sensitization on issues affecting his life and culture. Asked what made the most impact on him as a Youth Ambassador to the USA, Cardel says it was “visiting an organization called Appetite For Life that cares for homeless.persons, providing them with shelter for however long it takes for them to get back on their feet. My three weeks in the US were simply amazing!”

But 2016 had one more breakthrough experience for young Cardel. When the external examinations results, CSEC, were released Cardel learned that he passed all twelve subjects which he sat in May and June of that same year. Although he was filled with joy at the results he admitted that he felt sad because he knew that his happy days in secondary school had come to an end.

Here’s one solitary life that is making a unifying difference not only in Guyana but across our region and beyond. I’m confident that, should life last, our region and our world will get to know and benefit from this young man as a valuable diamond friend.

You can see some  of Cardel Hunte’s poems here


Thursday August 14, 2014 — WEFM — Four schools in St. Vincent and the Grenadines have recorded percentage pass rates of 80% or more in this year’s CSEC exams.


These schools are Girls’ High School (96.96%); St. Joseph Convent Kingstown (93.68%); St. Vincent Grammar School (93.03%) and Thomas Saunders Secondary (85.27%).


Ten Schools obtained creditable pass rates between 60 and 80%.


These are St. Martin’s Secondary School (78.20%); St. Joseph Convent Marriaqua (78.16%); Adelphi Secondary School (75.88%); Mountain View Adventist Academy (73.66%); Union Island Secondary School (70.62%); West St. George Secondary (67.27%); Intermediate High School (65.93%); Central Leeward Secondary (64.56%); North Union Secondary (63.99%) and Bishop’s College Kingstown (63.14%).


The school which recorded the most significant improvement is the St. Martin’s Secondary whose pass rate increased from 54.95% in 2013 to 78.20% in 2014, an increase of 23.25%.



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choices cover


This blog stands on the premise that readers are world changers and Eldon Taylor’s latest book, Choices and Illusions, is a masterpiece which beautifully reinforces the truth in this statement.

Over the lifetime of this blog I have voiced opinions and perspectives on a variety of real life issues and developments which affect the quality of life of all my readers, no matter which part of the world they live. While I have attempted to sift through the labyrinth of issues that represent the maize of life all of us are chosen to walk in life, I have come across a writer who has done a quintessential job of helping the average reader understand how to unlock their real and full potential.

Eldon Taylor’s book reminds me of the treasure maps of yesteryear films which, when followed, lead to a rich trove of endless delights that is the desire of all living people.

The simple truth is that all of the seven billion men, women and children on this planet are searching for their individual happiness and sustainable fulfilment. choices and Illusions is the best human prescription with a universal appeal that I have seen in a very long time.

This is a book that is not only worth your read but also worth your application of the simple and profound ideas indicative of the life changing power of the mind.

Every change in life begins in the mind. that is, if your life is to change then your thinking has to change. One of the things that this book brought back to my consciousness is the scientific knowledge that we use a small fraction of our mind’s powers. If humans have been able to accomplish so much while using so little of their brain power, how much more can we amaze ourselves by unlocking even an additionally small amount of our unused mental capacity!

My message here is simple: you don’t need to incur the loss of an arm and a leg in order to get fairly good advice to make your life better. Just read Choices and Illusions. The only prerequisite is that you approach it and read it with an open mind.

Even though I am an individual with grounded faith and spiritual values, I was refreshingly inspired by Eldon Taylor’s ability to incorporate he potentially controversial religious issues of life into Choices and Illusions. And he did it with charismatic success.

For every child seeking a reason to have self esteem, for every adult who is struggling with intimacy or isolation due to past hurts, failures or rejection—Choices and Illusions is the clearest way to get you to the place where you are fully and freely empowered with no strings attached.

We use gadgets such as our smart phones and tablets without understanding exactly how they are able to do what they do. If we were to get an inside look at their unseen processes and how they achieve their mesmerizing performances, we will love them even more.

Well, that is what Choices and Illusions has done for us. It removes the veil from our subconscious so that we are able to for the first time able to understand what we thought was impossible about the workings of our own brain.

This is critically important for all those of us who are trying to aspire to a new and more meaningful life every day we wake up. We have to be willing to be different. We have to be willing to change. Indeed, we can only change what we believe can be changed! It is a lesson that rings loud and clear in Choices and Illusions.

I choose to end with a quote from actor Sylvester Stallone in one of his Rocky movies. After defeating a Hercules of a Russian boxer, a feat the media thought was impossible, he says quite confidently: “We all can change.”

And that is the message of good hope that I believe Eldon Taylor wants all of us to know from reading his book Choices and Illusions, “WE ALL CAN CHANGE.”

KFC & Our Environment

For quite a few years now I have realized that KFC containers litter our environment from the city to the most remote sceneries. If there is one business entity which should lead the way in safeguarding our environment, it should be KFC.

Their management might say that the company provides adequate litter bins at its fast food joints and it cannot regulate what its customers do with their containers after eating. initially that might be true but KFC is a mega million dollar franchise. It is luxuriously expensive. When I have stood in line and looked at the cashiers being paid for orders, the smallest bill I see is a $20 bill.

Here in St Vincent and the Grenadines, I have said that if you want a quick on-the-ground check to see if people have money to spend, just wander by any KFC restaurant. No matter the time of day, the day of the week, or the season of the year, KFC restaurants always have customers plugging out their $20s, $50s and $100s.

The franchise prides itself on delivering a unique and consistent taste which has propelled its global market share in the fast food industry, It is now time that KFC accepts its corporate environmental responsibility and increase its market share in environmental consciousness.

Because the patrons of KFC transcends all age, race, political and socio-economic classes, the company is really ideally positioned to help educate the population on the importance of keeping the environment clean. Accepting this responsibility will make KFC a humanitarian leader rather than a mere universal supplier of cholesterol and chronic-developing lifestyle diseases.

Since the average Vincentian feels a sense of financial pride in being seen with a box or glass of KFC, they can also feel this same pride in knowing that they are helping to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

So how can KFC go about looking at the man in the mirror and make the change for a cleaner environment? well, for starters, here are a few suggestions:

1. Encourage consumers to recycle. Distribute or set up recycling depots across the island.

2. Gave incentives to customers to bring in their used containers. the incentive might be in the form of a cash refund or it can be a discount for the next KFC purchase.

3. Team up with schools and have a best school or class competition. give attractive prizes such s electronic gadgets, free meals or school supplies. Since many students eat KFC every day, this can be a big hit among adolescents and younger children.

4. Organize and sponsor an official Environmental Awareness Week. By so doing, NGOs and other stakeholders can get on board and help spread the word on cleaning up the environment.

5. Lobby with the legislative to help enact a no littering law or policy, first in the capital and at all official hang out spots and tourist attraction sites.

KFC has the finances, physical assets and legal frame-work to take care of our environment but I am waiting to see if KFC lacks the human backbone to do something about it.


At Year’s End

It’s December again. It is Christmas time again. It is the time when we all in some way think of the year just ending and make some presumptions about what is likely to manifest in the upcoming twelve months. It seems the older one gets the end of year’s reflection and resolves made within oneself takes on a more sombre meaning rather than the plurile bubbly ones of yesteryear.

There are more complicated challenges and interlocking issues of day-to-day living affecting all of us these days. The once largely unknown and hard-to-explore world has been made quite familiar as the back of our hands because of the presence of our technologically fueled social hubs and instant sharing of daily living experiences. Even governments and decision makers have lost much of their abilities to filter and control information flow to the man on the street. Our overseas relatives are often the ones these days telling us about events happening right across the streets from us. Such is the progress of the information highway.

The financial playoffs from the global economies continue to reduce the spending power of our wallets and this makes for little end of year joy around many  a dining table. Once again, people have to learn to return to some for m of subsistence livelihood just to keep the table supplied with the daily bread. A young and upcoming generation, fresh out of some graduating class, longs with futility for a job befitting its sacrificially invested education. And no matter how the consumers spend, marketer, managers and ministers of government all claim that business now is not looking too bright.

So the end of year, every year, positions all of us at a pivotal crossroad in the journey of our lives. Where do we go from here? Where do you, dear reader, go from here? The unknown future has been carved by destiny; however, each of us must know how to listen to that spiritual feed and wisely respond to its beckoning if we are to line ourselves up for success in 2013 and beyond. The insight of our Creator and planner of the future is the only key that can successfully open up the way for each of us. So get to build your relationship with your God and His Son, your only best friend and Redeemer, Jesus the Christ. After all, it is for Him we celebrate this season. I know you thought it was Santa Clause’s season, but that is as erroneous as the facades can get.

A reality that often rigs within me is that every year I am sadly mindful that last Old Year’s Day and New Year’s Day there were people who were celebrating and they are no more at this present time. Similarly, there are those of us who are celebrating the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 but we will not be alive on this earth at this time next year. So each of us should be cautiously sensitive and know who, what and why we are celebrating at year’s end

This is a post from my friend who is really becoming quite a quintessentially prolific writer/thinker. It is food for thought!

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A friend is considered one who has your best interest at heart and supports you no matter what you have set your mind to (as long as its legal) and helps you to accomplish those goals.

A friend in today’s society is somewhat becoming scarce.  It is very difficult to find someone who has your back and will stand with you in times of trouble and not only in the good times.  In my opinion the word friendship is something that has seemed to lose its meaning as of recent.  Everyone states that they’re your friend, but that is not so and I will show you the difference.

Three Classes of Friends:

1. Acquaintance – this is not a true friend.  This person is just someone with whom another enjoys hanging out with or having a good time with, but there is no emotional support between them.  They also come…

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