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Summer is the travel season. Thousands are packing up and heading to never before seen places in anticipation of an adventure. Well, for a French lady, embarking on such a trip proved to be a journey of no return.

Like many of us in the public service, Stephanie Foray longed to get away from the routines of her daily job. She started her vacation since last November and was in Sri Lanka and India.

She then went to Malaysia. Apparently, Stephanie was in search of the ultimate vacation experience. But the old saying is “be careful what you wish for”.

While on her stint in Malaysia the adventurous thirty year old went across the waters to the nearby island of Tioman.

She was never seen again.

Stephanie allegedly had a drinking partner while on Tioman island. Her thirty six year old drinking friend, Asni, must have been intoxicated by more than the glass of wine. Asni asked Stephanie for sex and when she would not give him the sex, Asni turned the wine bottle into a murder weapon.

Is this another reason alcohol is bad for one’s health?


It is the norm that a rape victim will do everything to rid herself of the alleged rapist but a situation on the Caribbean island of Trinidad involving rape has had a very exceptional ending.

In 2008 a man was accused of raping a fourteen year old girl. The matter was taken before the law courts and the man was released on bail.

Now, three years later when the case was called, the thirty year old man informed the court that he and the girl, who is now 17 are married. The judge was also told that the married couple has a child. Can you guess how old the child is?

Their daughter is three years old. That will suggest that the pregnancy happened the same year when the rape charges were filed. So what did the judge do after hearing the marital status of the couple? The case was dismissed and the man left the courtroom a free man.

Some may now argue that the initial sexual act may have very well been of a consensual nature. Could it be that the man and the girl were already fond of each other and may have been sexually involved before 2008? It is not uncommon for a female to cry rape only when she has been discovered in the act by a third-party or under threat of exposure.

But a more urgent question is whether having sex with someone under the age of consent carries mandatory penalties. In 2008 the girl would have been just 14 years old.  Maybe, too, the man decided to wed the girl to preempt a custodial sentence imposed on him by the court.

This is a most unusual case but to find a rape victim falling in love with her rapist must make for interesting analysis.

Finally, somebody has the guts to come out and say it! City officials in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, are putting their foot down. As of tonight, any person under age eighteen found out and about on the streets will be taken into custody. Additionally, the mayor’s office is sending a strong warning to parents that if their children have to be picked up off the streets after hours, then the law enforcement officials are likely to come after the parents as well.

I applaud the Philadelphia mayor!

The curfew is being instituted to deal with youth gangs and mob violence. And this is important. Many children, not only inAmerica, are growing up and living as adults before they understand what it means to be a child. This is a dangerous practice that has been ongoing for some time now in many societies. It seems that as soon as a child reaches puberty at age nine or ten he or she is an expert on marijuana use, alcohol consumption, sexual strategies and condom effectiveness. Our children stay out even later than the adults. These days, no body can use the F-u word more than our children. And they seem to invent new curse words, expressions and gestures every passing day.

All of this suggest that something is terribly wrong with today’s parenting. The problem stems from the glorification of sex and the “male sexual conquest”, especially of our black men. You see, men are being socialized–let me rephrase that: boys are being socialized by all around them (family, friends, the community) that all growing up is about is your ability to have and use an erection. All our young men focus on is how can a vagina be had.

The ultimate end is that while the female is seeking a stable relationship to have a family and to keep her man, the man is looking for non stop sex. When the woman figures out she is valued only for the relief of her partner’s back, problems occur. And when the babies come  on the scene, the men do not really love or want a child around them. For one thing pregnancy means sex has to be on the back seat for 9 months and after that the woman has to devote much of her time to baby caring. No time for private sexing. Also, the man has to face the realization that his woman is going to be expecting him to be supplying money to regularly take care of the child.

Most of our children are growing up realizing that their daddy really doesn’t want a thing to do with them. A lot of them leave to find “sense’ out there on the street. There is strength in numbers; the growing youth gangs is evidence of this.

In Philadelphia the local government is understanding the fundamentals of this. The mayor has said very sternly and clearly that if men do not want to take care of their children, they should not make them. The city is not running a baby sitting service, he warned.

Women have sex to start a family with one man. Men have sex so that they can get what the lady has. Men are not having sex because they want to be a parent. The men care aboutthe process, they do not care about the product.

Therein lies the societal problems of fatherless homes and street filled, angry, dysfunctional children. When this generation of boys in particular grows up, what is going to happen to families if they decide that because they grew up without a father then their children must do the same?

Human society may very well come like that of the animal kingdom where a male dog just goes looking for a bitch when it is mating season. Bam! Slam! Thank you madam. Then they walk away and do not look back.

Let us see how the curfew in Philadelphia turns out. More societies need to come forward with their own state implemented curfew. It is becoming quite clear that mothers alone cannot control or rear their children. Look at the many children involved in the London riots. Even girls were arrested.

It is time, too, that parents be asked to attend parenting classes, especially our men. In fact, any man who registers having more than one woman at a time, or who has been in relationships with different women during a six month or a twelve month period should be made to attend such classes.

If not, these parents of at risk children should be held accountable and be confined to supervised labour where the rewards of that labour goes directly to the woman and child (women and children) not being taken care of.

Something has to give. Otherwise, it is society that will give way.

The debate on capital punishment in developing countries is a never-ending one. In St Vincent and the Grenadines capital punishment has existed in one form: hanging by the neck until dead. This form of capital punishment is as old as the island’s colonial history. In fact, hanging would have been the means of execution in the commonwealth nations because it was borrowed, like so many other things, from Britain.

The socio-economic development of nations have given birth to human rights organizations. Unfortunately (or fortunately) a popular area of contention as held by these human rights groups has been that of capital punishment. They have always argued that no human being should be executed. It amounts to murder. So even if the state carries out an order from the courts it is a murderer just like the executed. Well, the term executed implies here that is being taken for granted that capital punishment is on the law books for the offense of murder or treason. That is the case in our Caribbean territories.

Persons who have been angered by the voicing of the human rights groups’ opposition to capital punishment has always asked why should we protect the rights of the convicted murderer when that murderer did not extend that privilege to the victim. And that is quite understandable. When one reads of some of the premeditated acts of brutal violence and murder it often leaves one feeling that there must be an eye for an eye. I recall several years ago when a young man used a rope in the way that cowboys would to catch a wild animal, and pulled a young lady out of a public transport vehicle in the capital city. In the presence of all he proceeded merrily to use his cutlass and remove the young lady’s head from her shoulders.

Some said he even smiled in the process.

Crimes like these seem to want to make the average law-abiding citizen become a hang man or executioner. But since 1995 we have not seen an execution in these parts. A significant cause of this has been the ruling of the Privy Council in England that after a person has spent five years on death row their sentence is to be automatically commuted to life imprisonment. The rationale is that after waiting and wondering for five years when you will have your neck popped, then that is enough psychological torture and suffering.

Since that ruling it seems all on death row have filed one constitutional motion after another, sometimes on the most trivial of grounds such s lack of protein in the form of beef on a Sunday. So the system of due process has seen the five-year period elapse with no execution being done.

Those in favour of capital punishment have always said that it is a deterrent to committing violent crimes; that if someone knows he will be hanged then he will think twice. As it is now, convicted murderers of some of the most heinous crimes have been released on parole for good behaviour. The sting seems to be that the family of the victim is never in any way compensated or put in a position to make life easier because of their loss.

An interesting situation has developed in the UK recently where an attempt to allow the public to be actively involved in determining what their elected officials discuss has brought up the topic of capital punishment and hangings. In an e-petition poll conducted it was revealed that 53% of those who participated were in support of the reintroduction of hangings. This is interesting. The politicians and House of Commons will be discussing it later this year.England has not hanged anyone since 1964.

Let’s suppose that the public gets its way and the execution of persons through capital punishment is reintroduced then all in the Caribbean will be expecting that the old barricade from the Privy Council be removed immediately. In fact the Caribbean has also been trying to get its own final court up and running–The Caribbean Court of Justice or the CCJ as it is commonly called.

There are others a well who believe that it is the method of capital punishment that should be changed, not the total removal  of capital punishment. In that light they claim that it is time to execute persons by more humane means such as a lethal injection. I suspect that whatever the outcome of the debate in England later this year that the saga will continue. However, whenever any mechanism that acts as a check and balance is removed or made inoperative then common sense will dictate that some other equally or even more effective means of achieving the same goal be put in its place.





Most of us only know violence or attacks on another human being from what we see on the television or other streaming videos. But what if you were to find yourself in the unlikely situation that a person or persons around you were actively trying to harm or kill you? Would you know what to do? I am sharing this video that I found very helpful; in fact, I am pretty sure it can save any of our lives in time to come. I hope you pay great attention to it: even if you need to replay it several times.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A woman arrested for drugging her husband before cutting off his penis and throwing it into the garbage disposal was angry about an impending divorce.

Now, this is the kind of headline that makes you go “WHAT?!”

But it is true. The incident took place last Monday July 11, 2011. The norm of sexual grievances has been often perpetrated by men against women, but here is a rare occasion–rare in terms of reporting at least, where the female gender is the culprit.

I want us to consider the rationale behind the wife’s actions. The couple, living in the California area of the USA were married for a couple of years. They seemed to have been getting along quite nicely. But, as in the case of every relationship, including marriages, there must have been underlying growing resentment.

The particular reasons for the husband applying for the divorce are not public just yet, but it is clear that the wife felt that if she wasn’t to have her man anymore then neither should any other woman.

Being in any relationship calls for continuous self-adaptations. Often times one party has unspoken expectations that are not taken as much by the other party. The issue of sex is one of these critical areas of silent unfulfilled expectations.

It may very well be that the couple in question was having sex every night or on an established routine that the man, since it is his sex that got castrated, couldn’t keep up with.

I can also hear my female readers saying that the wife may have done this because of some act of infidelity on behalf of the man. But my argument with that is that if that were the case then it would have been the woman who would have initiated the divorce proceedings. Women often do not hesitate to do this.

Remember the Tiger Woods and Arnold Schwarzenegger affairs?

I have to also input here that the wife, after putting the toxic chemical into her husbands dinner, tied him up when he was incapacitated. The confused husband awoke to find himself strapped to the bed with his wife getting to his penis.

It was the same wife who called the police and told them on their arrival, “He deserve it.”

There has been several instances like this where men have had their lovers take it out on their sex organs. And one will often hear women saying that whenever they are upset with their partner, the first thing to be affected is the halting of sex.

It seems, too, that when this does not suffocate the man that it becomes needful to strike him where it hurts most.

You notice that as young people as well, whenever a woman is in an altercation with a man, she always goes grabbing after the man’s genitals?

So the question I want to leave with you is this: Are our men really safe within their loving relationships, particularly when the female half is nursing an emotional wound?

The lady in this case is back in court on the 22nd. Readers will be kept posted right here.

via Mail Online.

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