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There are times that you are confronted by a situation not of your own making, which gives you an opportunity to drive home your inalienable human right because you were offended. Every person enjoys the power that comes from being in the right and dig deep in the sands of empowerment. But then some greater calling beckons at your conscience to not “press charges” in the matter.

For example, a business transaction may have been incorrectly interpreted and you were charged less than the selling price of whatever you are buying. You double checked and were told that the amount is correct; in fact you are even given back money. Days later, you are asked to return the same amount that was refunded to you!

Another illustration is that someone damages your property or some possession of yours. You are within your right to demand the faulted party to compensate or rectify the situation physically, financially or otherwise. However, to do this means that the offender is being stretched financially to a limit that their financial resources are able to reach.

Some narrow-minded person who does not really know you has spoken all sort of negative things about you. It may be leading to third parties forming a distorted view of the situation and indeed of you as an individual. It seems easy to put the lying party in their place. You can make a scene and create a final showdown that would prevent any further incident of that nature in the future.

But you realize that the position of absolute rightness does not need a retaliatory force to defend itself. There are times when maintaining one’s coolness and staying true to one’s life’s mission becomes more important than a temporary fix of a problem founded on ephemeral troubles or lies.

Life is 10% of what happens to you but life is 90% of how you respond to what happens to you. None of us can change or choose which two persons would have become our parents, or which country, ethnic group or blood type we would have at birth, but for sure we can choose how to live with those factors during the course of our lives on earth.

We become more valuable and more successful by growing our inner person’s character and not just creating a response that magnify our reputation to those people around us at the present time.

Our present and immediate situation may be urgent and may be screaming for our attention; however, it is our future outcome that is quietly calling us and that future outcome is what is most important. Train yourself to respond to the important and not just to the urgent.


The recent execution of a local nation builder and law-abiding citizen by alleged convicted criminals has open up a most unwanted can of rotting worms in the Vincentian society. On many levels there seems to be a moral fight on to instill in our upcoming generation traditional values of respect for life and human dignity, hard work, submission to authorities and obedience to the laws of the land.

Parents, many of them single mothers, have been struggling to socialize their growing children along the right paths. Teachers and church leaders are up against the tide as well, as they attempt to find new ways to reach today’s youth. Social workers, counsellors and community NGOs are all being exhausted under the weight of a manifesting rebellious generation.

Now that a person who attempted to see that justice prevails in an attempted criminal robbery has been most likely slaughtered by the same persons who he helped to put behind bars it must send shock waves to the rest of the law-abiding citizens in our land.

Think about it. Here is a man, owner of a licensed fire arm, friend and supporter of the police, being murdered in the wee hours of the night right in his own home. Even the way the murder was reported in one of the local papers showed a sense of fear from the writer and editorial team.

The uncomfortable truth seems to be obvious at this stage: those who would try to assist the police in fighting crime and violence will not have the police to aid them when the former accused persons come calling. It means no one is safe from criminal minds.

But that cannot be allowed to remain so. If we are not careful, pretty soon we will have criminals out and about like they are the law and order of the day. The time has come for policing to be done realistically and creatively. In the case at hand, convicted and sentenced offenders are out of prisons and the police were not able to put early protective mechanisms in place to keep one of their public helpers alive. Which Vincentian  will now think of collaborating with the police in putting away criminal elements in the future?

The way the system works, incarcerated people do not remain there forever and upon their release all parties that assisted in their earlier incarceration are left to live as normal. Howbeit the police man the homes of magistrates but not the homes of key witnesses? This recent execution has plunged past attempts of the police at building a positive public relations image. It is bad enough that thugs and criminal elements are allowed to threaten and intimidate persons on a day-to-day basis but to allow them to simply take the life of a law-abiding citizen in his own home is just not good enough.

Police protection is no longer just about the public places during peak traffic hours. It has to be about the private times when people are all alone because that is their family time. Criminals are getting ready it seems to kill at will because they’d say it is as easy as taking candy from a baby. This is serious. The gentleman who was killed in this latest incident had a gun and knew how to use it; even so, he was still killed. So what does that say about other Vincentians who do not own or have techniques to protect their lives when it matters most?

Every people community wants to grow, expand and develop its infrastructure and standard of living for its residents. This quest inevitably seems to spill off into anti social values and prohibited activities. Every person has his or her own personality and that is what leads to the conflict in co-existing as one people. There is always someone to see things differently and want to take another route to accomplish personal goals.

Persons are often determined to build their own fortune of wealth as shown by liquid cash or tangible assets. Sometimes the lack of appropriate employment serves as a trigger as well. A new generation of not-so-hard-working people are prepared to take from those who sacrifice to work hard. Guns and violent force are becoming second nature in our society. And it seems that the faction using these weapons for mass destruction are able to out perform the persons who have the legal rights to use weapons in their assault on criminal activities.

It is said that a frog wold not jump or stay in a pot and allow itself to boil to death but that same frog would stay in a lukewarm pot and take the subtle heat increase until it is slowly thoroughly cooked. With every murder that occurs we are becoming like that frog: subtly accepting the killing of humans as our norm and way of life.

It is the norm that a rape victim will do everything to rid herself of the alleged rapist but a situation on the Caribbean island of Trinidad involving rape has had a very exceptional ending.

In 2008 a man was accused of raping a fourteen year old girl. The matter was taken before the law courts and the man was released on bail.

Now, three years later when the case was called, the thirty year old man informed the court that he and the girl, who is now 17 are married. The judge was also told that the married couple has a child. Can you guess how old the child is?

Their daughter is three years old. That will suggest that the pregnancy happened the same year when the rape charges were filed. So what did the judge do after hearing the marital status of the couple? The case was dismissed and the man left the courtroom a free man.

Some may now argue that the initial sexual act may have very well been of a consensual nature. Could it be that the man and the girl were already fond of each other and may have been sexually involved before 2008? It is not uncommon for a female to cry rape only when she has been discovered in the act by a third-party or under threat of exposure.

But a more urgent question is whether having sex with someone under the age of consent carries mandatory penalties. In 2008 the girl would have been just 14 years old.  Maybe, too, the man decided to wed the girl to preempt a custodial sentence imposed on him by the court.

This is a most unusual case but to find a rape victim falling in love with her rapist must make for interesting analysis.

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