Recently, I read an opinion piece in our local online newspaper which vehemently suggested that the modern day church had been defeated in its attempts to resist or squash the seemingly growing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT)movement around the world. The author of that moot felt that the church over the years had shown some willingness to adapt to the changing times by its changing interpretation of the Holy Bible. Furthermore, the author opined that if the church is to have any future in our 21st century world then it must once again show its ability to compromise, and in this case, formally accept and partner with the LGBT community.

Opinions are subjective positions and one must readily understand that any opinion which is being heard, read or other wise communicated will most likely seem to be true and factual. But an opinion, no matter how well reasoned or researched is just that–an opinion.

There is a labyrinth of positions and  arguments on this highly contemporary issue that it is hard to decide where to start explaining one’s own views and ultimate belief principles on this hot-seat topic. But since the opinion piece which piqued this blog post addressed the question of whether or not the church should accept defeat and homosexual lifestyles, perhaps it is justified for me to start there.

I don’t think the writer of that article would have understood or grasped the Christian concept of the church as established by Jesus. The Church which Jesus died to birth on earth is actually His body and so it has His power, His will, His purpose, His passion, His determination and His final victory.

So, to put it simply, no the church cannot accept defeat or the LGBT community’s way of life.

Although Jesus established the Church which is powered by a live and direct spiritual feed to His Father, the Church is also the embodiment of sinfully flawed human beings who so easily step out of living by the Spirit to accommodate the benefits of the flesh. And therein is the problem which I believe has blurred the vision of that myopic writer.

People’s understanding and conceptualization of the church is very different from what Jesus’ definition is. Christians go to church but going to church does not make the church goer a Christian.

LGBT flag

LGBT flag

Homosexuality and all the passions of same sex promoters are the smoke from people’s burning sexual desires which stem from the concept of sexual identity. And sexual identity was created by God and, like sex, our sexual identity is perfectly established in our beings. The problem is that we no longer want to depend on God and His Son  Jesus Christ to help us strengthen and define our God given sexual identity.

What am I saying? I am saying that homosexuality and the LGBT magnetism is an erotic bandwagon which every human being has the inner resolve, responsibility and right to say no to. Just as we discipline ourselves to denounce dietary sweetness of sugar, salt, fatty and oily foods, it is the same way we need to observe a proper sexual diet. We must master our desires and depend on God to transform and strengthen our sexual identity into what His original plan was–and still is.

One man married to one woman for as long as they both shall live.

God is fully aware of each man’s freedom of choice; however, He knows what He has put in  each of us and we have what it takes to do the right thing–if we really want to. Sin’s fallen nature is a really terrible curse. God has revealed that our sexual desires  are meant to serve as opportunities by which we control our bodies. To feel you want to be sexually involved with someone of the same sex is not a sin. In fact the Bible teaches that no temptation is sin. It is acting on the temptation that is the sin.

And the world of the LGBT community has been acting on a most tantalizing temptation. In heaven’s eyes they are sinning. But they don’t see it as sinning. They see it as a basic human right which no one has the right to discourage. D’Angelo Antoine, a young Dominican computer programmer and promising scholar puts it nicely when he says that “lesbians, gay, bi-sexual, transgender people are suffering from moral hallucination.”

Listen carefully. This is why my argument is to be accepted. The God of the Holy Bible, who gave us our heterosexual desires and who instituted marriage as being between a man and a woman, does condemn the actions of homosexuality and LGBT lifestyles but…but….He does not ever condemn the person who has been tempted or has lived, or is living,  that lifestyle.

Jesus is documented in the gospels as time and time again forgiving and accepting sexual sinners. In fact, He told the lady they wanted to stone to death because she had illegal and socially unacceptable sex to GO YOUR WAY AND SIN NO MORE.

God does not want the Church to accept the LGBT way of life. He certainly does not want our pastors to be marrying Adam and Steve or Yvette and Eve, but God certainly wants the Church to accept the people who have sinned in this way. They are the ones who need His loving forgiveness and deliverance possibly more than other people.

And herein lies another stumbling block because you see human beings in themselves do not have the capacity to forgive and help sexual sinners. So unless the people in the Church allow God to work from within their own hearts, firmly appreciating that they too have been freely forgiven of their own different sins, they will in no way be able to help homosexuals, lesbians, transgender or queer sinners come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

But that is exactly what Jesus left the Church to do–to minister to sinners…to the sexually sick and confused who need the sexual identity Maker to operate in their hearts and minds.

FITTING DIAGNOSIS: LGBT people have “moral hallucination” says Dominican computer programmer, D’Angelo Antoine

Recovering smokers, alcoholics, domestic abusers and people with other socially disturbing addictions all have some structured support group which serves as a useful network to stand with them as they overcome their addictions. Lesbians, homosexuals, bisexuals, transgender and every person who is sexually confused or living in the proverbial closet need their configured support group to help them beat their sexual addictions. That is the only way to resolve this sexual warfare.

Remember, the closing verses of the Holy Bible tells us clearly that all sexually immoral people are going to hell. That is non-negotiable, no matter what any promoter, prime minister, privy council or president says.

Legalizing LGBT in every nook and cranny on earth will never solve the problem. Hating, discriminating, fighting, injuring or killing members of the LGBT community will not solve the problem either. At heart is really the survival of the human race via the family unit. Same sex unions cannot reproduce. However, do you know that there are heterosexual unions which also are dealing with the reproductive problem the same way that same sex unions deal with it?

Think about it. In the 21st century, “independent” men and women are now donating their sperms and eggs to scientific labs where conception and growth of human babies are happening outside the woman’s womb.

And the battle to clone human body parts is not making the situation any easier. So the LGBT and same sex marriages are just aspects of a bigger global threat to the human family and its future extinction. I think this post warrants a part 2, but let me stop here for now.