(NB: This post has been updated on January 5, 2017)

Today’s world is in dire need of good news. Literally. This post strives to do just that by introducing you to a youngster from the country of Guyana who is proving himself a diamond friend to all in his sphere of influence. Cardel Hunte is not ashamed to be identified with his Christian upbringing–even at the early age of sixteen. This is a young man who is indeed proud of his identity and God-given blessings. In fact, in the past week Cardel just completed his CSEC examinations which saw him writing twelve (12) exams in the field of science.


One of Cardel’s talents is that of writing poems. He has written multiple poems. Here is one of his poems called “Courage”.

“Always be the brighter not the darker,

always be the eye in the storm,

beware some may try to break you but be wise,

open your eyes. tear the veil off of your true friends,

they might not be what you see,

some say seeing is believing.

but no, believing is seeing

how can you preach to others when your life is a mess?

whiten your garments before you can talk about others,

know yourself and always be confident.

it’s not he mirror that tells the answer

it’s the reflection you see after”

In an age when many people use social media merely as a place to find out other people’s business or to add to the many troubling social issues of the day, Cardel often uses his facebook page as a tool for spreading positive influence which seems to be always oozing from within his inner being. Below you can read for yourself one of his posts from 2016.


It’s interesting to note that Cardel introduces this particular post in his usual creative style: “The number you have dialed is not in service”. And certainly, it’s a message that people all across the globe can be encouraged by.

Cardel has a very active role in his local church in Guyana. for some time leaders and decision makers in the region have been lamenting the absence of our men folk; hence, it is encouraging that this young man is doing what he can to actively combat male marginalization. Cardel is a gifted singer. Indeed, he is an enthusiastic worship leader among his youthful peers and youth department.


The picture above shows a celebratory pose after Cardel and a group of friends emerged winners of a church night of drama.

In the summer of 2016 Cardel had the opportunity of a lifetime to be one of a handful of young Guyanese nationals to travel to the USA as a Youth Ambassador. While in the states he was involved with relevant training and sensitization on issues affecting his life and culture. Asked what made the most impact on him as a Youth Ambassador to the USA, Cardel says it was “visiting an organization called Appetite For Life that cares for homeless.persons, providing them with shelter and.food for however long it takes for them to get back on their feet. My three weeks in the US were simply amazing!”

But 2016 had one more breakthrough experience for young Cardel. When the external examinations results, CSEC, were released Cardel learned that he passed all twelve subjects which he sat in May and June of that same year. Although he was filled with joy at the results he admitted that he felt sad because he knew that his happy days in secondary school had come to an end.

Here’s one solitary life that is making a unifying difference not only in Guyana but across our region and beyond. I’m confident that, should life last, our region and our world will get to know and benefit from this young man as a valuable diamond friend.

You can see some  of Cardel Hunte’s poems here