Yesterday, Brazil took the beating of a lifetime as destructive Germany pummelled them 7 goals to 1 in a semi-final of the FIFA 2014 World Cup. To add insult to injury, it happened right at home on Brazilian soil right in front of their countless die-hard supporters. Brazil’s only goal was scored in the very last minute of the game’s regular time.

I watched the game online and, I, too, could not believe what was happening. All of us from the Caribbean were generally backing Brazil. We wanted them to be the 2014 champions.

The Germans must be congratulated; however, for taking the game from right under the host’s nose in such spectacular fashion. In so doing, they also broke a Brazilian record, Renaldo, for the individual scoring the most goals in a World Cup competition.

When it rains it pours.

Today must be such an emotionally distressed day across Brazil. But I want to leave them, ad their global network of supporters, some timeless encouragement.

Every great winner experiences one or two great defeats.

It is very interesting that the very word “defeat” has the word “feat” as its origin. And those of us with prior knowledge of this word will know that a feat is the accomplishing of an extraordinary outcome.

Just as the sun shines after the rain, this epic defeat will one day empower Brazil to win a FIFA Championship in a colossal manner as was not seen before.

Such a victory will not necessarily come by merely scoring a large number of goals but by the demonstration of highly articulated, calculated and professionally organized talent and skills.

So let your defeat, with all its sorrow and shame, soak in, Brazil. Let it soak in well. For tomorrow you are going to need today’s pain as your impetus and fuel for your football and national glory.

Never write off or condemn a winner. Indeed, the greatest glory consist not in never falling, but in rising each and every time you fall.

Defeat is the base nutrients of champions. I am convinced that Brazil’s defeat will inspire their greater feats.