This is a post from my friend who is really becoming quite a quintessentially prolific writer/thinker. It is food for thought!

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A friend is considered one who has your best interest at heart and supports you no matter what you have set your mind to (as long as its legal) and helps you to accomplish those goals.

A friend in today’s society is somewhat becoming scarce.  It is very difficult to find someone who has your back and will stand with you in times of trouble and not only in the good times.  In my opinion the word friendship is something that has seemed to lose its meaning as of recent.  Everyone states that they’re your friend, but that is not so and I will show you the difference.

Three Classes of Friends:

1. Acquaintance – this is not a true friend.  This person is just someone with whom another enjoys hanging out with or having a good time with, but there is no emotional support between them.  They also come…

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