For some time now users of face book have complained of subtle moves which amount to a betraying of their privacy and individual netiquette rights. Today, Friday May 18, the availability of face book IPO on the market is a most ominous wake up call for the average Joe using the application.

The company is now being valued at some one hundred and four billion US dollars. But face book only makes about $5 profit according to recent public figures on its past profitability per user. But of grave concern is the status of the user-generated content.

I think the open secret which made face book soar to unprecedented viral zones was the simple truth that “friends” were looking for a safe and confidential place and means to store and share what matter most to them. Face book was a well-loved niche which allowed each user to feel a sense of ownership and ensured online security with their private lives.

The incredible data which the accumulated users of face book has stored on it deserve to be legally protected for the sake of innocent persons who just want to share and connect with friends and loved ones.

Face book is going public with people’s private lives and events which were never meant to be treated as a product in the market place. How can you assign a dollar value to a priceless memory or friendship spanning decades?

But it is time for the average user to take some steps to safeguard their own privacy and attempt at this midnight hour to maintain some control over their information on the world’s social sharing giant. One recommendation is to desist from posting your classic photos, especially those which show a clear identification of your face. I mean, who is to tell what the shareholders new policies and directions would be?

Even experts in the market place are suggesting that teh poor start of trading on day one is a sign that face book has an uphill fight ahead. The thing is that to survive now as a public company, the face book train must make good on its itinerary to deliver money to its shareholders. That is where I believe the loophole is now that will cause all face book users material to be at the mercy of total strangers, alienated from any sensitivity to the data.

Now is an opportune time to rally all face book users to demand to know what is the cost of being a “friend” of face book. Shareholders are making litrally millions, even billions, from our personal sweat and blood, but users are gaining no such financial rewards. Something is wrong with that.

But who knows? An online social super hero might very well be right now in the making. Don’t be surprised if users start breaking up their friendship with face book for a new relationship that guarantees the confidential security of personal information that face book is spurning more and more these days.