Today, April 14, 2012, is exactly one hundred years since the RMS Titanic hit an iceberg in the Atlantic and began sinking over the next several hours. This was the largest ship of its kind back then. The Titanic was hailed as the unsinkable ship.

But it did not even finish its very first voyage back in April 1912. Take a look at the very last message sent from this ship which was marketed as unsinkable.

Titanic last message

As you can see, the message reads “We are sinking fast. Passengers are being put on life boats.”

The great discomfort for the passengers was that there were not enough lifeboats on board; I mean, what is the purpose of so many life boats when the ship is unsinkable, right?

Less than one third of the passengers were able to board the scarce and limited available life boats on the Titanic.

Over fifteen hundred persons died in that one mishap. Today, the world is remembering the Titanic. But exactly what should we be remembering? By now most of you reading this would have seen and fallen in love with the movie depicting this tragedy, so there are many varying moods and attachments to the Titanic sinking by different people.

I would just like readers to consider what life lessons should be learned from the Titanic story for our times, one hundred years later.

Hmmm…the unsinkable ship….