mom and baby

A young  woman’s first baby was born as she sat on the toilet. The baby dropped right into the toilet bowl. The incident happened in the climax stages of one of the most widely celebrated carnivals in the Caribbean—that of Trinidad and Tobago.

The mother is a teenager of nineteen who moments before the discovery had complained of “feeling hungry” and having belly ache.

The events unravelled at a local fast food establishment in the early morning hours, just as the business day was commencing.

A genuine humanitarian spirit caused a worker at the business place to enquire of the young lady who was seen overly rested.

Mysteriously, the teen mother declared she was just about five or six months pregnant. It seems likely she would have had little or no preparatory sessions for motherhood or for dealing with childbirth.

Her solo status signifies that the child’s father is not in the picture. However, the worker who came to her aid was a trained nurse’s assistant. God must have set up this particular encounter because the worker checked in the toilet bowl after the young lady had eased off the seat. It was then the baby was seen and pulled from the toilet bowl.

It is not the kind of birth that anyone would want to hear they had as they grow older. But the child started to cry after being raised from the waters in the toilet bowl.

The teenager happens to be living pretty much on her own, according to reports after the incident occurred. Hopefully, after she and her baby leave the hospital some individual or corporate entity will volunteer to take care of this single parent family.