Humans by nature enjoy the company of others, so that when a person finds himself being alone or without another person to interact with, it is easy to feel lonely.

However, that need not be the case. Let me explain. Most natural feelings of loneliness come about as a result of our longing for and expecting that another person should step into our lives to make us feel complete or happy.

Anybody who waits for another person to make them feel at peace as a human has missed the valuable lesson in humanity 101.

Happiness is a simple choice. No matter what you are experiencing, or who may or may not be there to talk to, you CAN be happy every moment you breathe. In fact, I have found out that all the angst and inexplicable circumstances we face daily are only trying to remove our happiness and peace of mind.

You know, if you are not able to face yourself and live with your own personality and idiosyncrasies, then you will never be able to live with someone else. In short, if you are unable to love yourself as you are, you make an emotionally fatal mistake to expect a separate person to love you.

Talk about suicide!

Often times, too, when a person finds himself or herself void of immediate friendships  there is very likely an important lesson that person can be learning to empower their mind to be less dependent on hand-outs but more dependent on the power of self actualization.

A hand-out is more than just a tangible item like a piece of clothing. When you keep expecting some friend or acquaintance to always come to cheer you up or keep your company you are expecting an emotional hand-out. Any over dependence on people will always produce disappointments which inevitably leave the persons having those predefined expectations hurt, disillusioned and even bitterly lost.

Life is made up of seasons. Being physically alone is just another season in life. Use your alone-time to enrich your own personal growth, esteem, identity and goal-setting.

Many of the people who have had consequential effects on the world have been people who learned to master the lessons gained from some of their most physically alone time.

Loneliness is a state of mind just as happiness and contentment are. Your experiences during times of loneliness are meant to help beam a light unto and for others to help them avoid mental and emotional pitfalls which may keep them from achieving their life’s purpose.

There are little things you can do all the time while alone to positively occupy your time while richly satisfying your emotions. A plant never knows if it is surrounded by other plants; what matters to the plant is that it is planted in arable soil, being irrigated and receiving natural sunshine.

No human presence is needed to provide those essentials to the plant.

Similarly, once you are accepting the natural food of life provided by your Creator, it will not matter whether you have a barge full of friends or are like a church mouse: you will grow, blossom and produce because you are planted in life-giving soil.

If you are alone you do not have to be lonely.