Martin Luther King, Jr lived and died before my time but his life’s message is meant for me in my generation.

I somehow found myself viewing some speeches made by Mr King and his words began to speak even to my own destiny on the earth.

I am particularly intrigued by his last public speaking engagement. That was recorded a mere twenty four hours before his brutal martyrdom. Listening to him, I can sense God was foreshadowing events to come by the statements in the speech.

I, too, am compelled to be true to what I put on paper. In this case on my blog. Obstacles will always exist between a man and his dream, his calling, his destiny, his reason for being. No obstacle shall stand in my way as I face “the difficult days ahead” and fulfil my purpose.

It is really interesting that even though a bullet may have ripped his face apart, Martin Luther King’s words and indeed his voice still echo across the generations today. It lets me know that even this blog is being immortalized. Verily, words do have sustained power, even after physical actions are done and gone.

I am realizing more and more that there is a specific Promised Land for each man born of a woman. I use “man” in a general term. There is a very worthwhile reason you and I are alive. The days given to us under the sun are timed for us to get to our Promised Land.

This promised land is not just defined by a good house, vehicle, family or job, it is defined by what makes us be the best human being we can be to ourselves and those around us—ultimately leading to a tight relationship with God and His Son and so making the planet a better place to live.

Another lesson I learn from Martin Luther King, Jr is that I am to fear no man. And this is something that Jesus even spoke about. Why be afraid of those who can only harm or kill the body? Ha ha ha ha! After man has taken action and harmed or killed, there is nothing else he can do.

I do not know or understand how, but God is able to switch a person’s existence from a physical body to a consciousness and existence of a spiritual one found in the soul. Maybe it is pretty much like a back-up power source.

Think about it.

Haven’t you ever been at a public venue and the electricity goes? There is a brief moment of shockingly sad darkness. Then there is light once more as the generators do their job of providing an alternative source of power.

So, too, I believe when man kills you, there is that painful halt to physical consciousness. But then there is a new awakening of the person’s consciousness from the alternative power source—that of the soul.

Martin Luther King said that he had been able to see on the other side of things “on the mountain top”. Any body who is going to live for any worthwhile reason must get God’s perspective from the mountain top and see what is really important. See the bigger picture.

The only courage any man or woman, boy or girl can possess is to face his or her own life’s lonely and tragic moments on his or her own two feet. Standing among your supporters or in a crowd is easy. It is he who is able to stand in the lonely hour, the midnight hour is the one who is really courageous.

Even though you would have been distracted and sent on detours from your own promised land, from fulfilling your destiny, it is not too late. Once your heart and lungs are working, it is not too late. Your Creator is ever willing to forgive, accept, and renew your strength. All of heaven’s powers are with you because meeting your destiny is more important than any person or thing on this earth.

After all, good or bad, you have to part with your human body and with everybody and everything on the earth.

These are some lessons I learned from Martin Luther King and I rank them worthy of new year’s resolutions. Indeed.

POST NOTE: As unbelievable as this may sound, I had no idea when I posted this article that the very day was Martin Luther King’s birthday! I guess that is just as providentially orchestrated pretty much like the contents of Martin Luther King’s final speech just hours before he was killed. It actually reminded me of Jesus predicting His own death hours before it occured.

Here is another interesting piece of information:

This is my 77th blog post and it has 777 words.