Every people community wants to grow, expand and develop its infrastructure and standard of living for its residents. This quest inevitably seems to spill off into anti social values and prohibited activities. Every person has his or her own personality and that is what leads to the conflict in co-existing as one people. There is always someone to see things differently and want to take another route to accomplish personal goals.

Persons are often determined to build their own fortune of wealth as shown by liquid cash or tangible assets. Sometimes the lack of appropriate employment serves as a trigger as well. A new generation of not-so-hard-working people are prepared to take from those who sacrifice to work hard. Guns and violent force are becoming second nature in our society. And it seems that the faction using these weapons for mass destruction are able to out perform the persons who have the legal rights to use weapons in their assault on criminal activities.

It is said that a frog wold not jump or stay in a pot and allow itself to boil to death but that same frog would stay in a lukewarm pot and take the subtle heat increase until it is slowly thoroughly cooked. With every murder that occurs we are becoming like that frog: subtly accepting the killing of humans as our norm and way of life.