The recent execution of a local nation builder and law-abiding citizen by alleged convicted criminals has open up a most unwanted can of rotting worms in the Vincentian society. On many levels there seems to be a moral fight on to instill in our upcoming generation traditional values of respect for life and human dignity, hard work, submission to authorities and obedience to the laws of the land.

Parents, many of them single mothers, have been struggling to socialize their growing children along the right paths. Teachers and church leaders are up against the tide as well, as they attempt to find new ways to reach today’s youth. Social workers, counsellors and community NGOs are all being exhausted under the weight of a manifesting rebellious generation.

Now that a person who attempted to see that justice prevails in an attempted criminal robbery has been most likely slaughtered by the same persons who he helped to put behind bars it must send shock waves to the rest of the law-abiding citizens in our land.

Think about it. Here is a man, owner of a licensed fire arm, friend and supporter of the police, being murdered in the wee hours of the night right in his own home. Even the way the murder was reported in one of the local papers showed a sense of fear from the writer and editorial team.

The uncomfortable truth seems to be obvious at this stage: those who would try to assist the police in fighting crime and violence will not have the police to aid them when the former accused persons come calling. It means no one is safe from criminal minds.

But that cannot be allowed to remain so. If we are not careful, pretty soon we will have criminals out and about like they are the law and order of the day. The time has come for policing to be done realistically and creatively. In the case at hand, convicted and sentenced offenders are out of prisons and the police were not able to put early protective mechanisms in place to keep one of their public helpers alive. Which Vincentian  will now think of collaborating with the police in putting away criminal elements in the future?

The way the system works, incarcerated people do not remain there forever and upon their release all parties that assisted in their earlier incarceration are left to live as normal. Howbeit the police man the homes of magistrates but not the homes of key witnesses? This recent execution has plunged past attempts of the police at building a positive public relations image. It is bad enough that thugs and criminal elements are allowed to threaten and intimidate persons on a day-to-day basis but to allow them to simply take the life of a law-abiding citizen in his own home is just not good enough.

Police protection is no longer just about the public places during peak traffic hours. It has to be about the private times when people are all alone because that is their family time. Criminals are getting ready it seems to kill at will because they’d say it is as easy as taking candy from a baby. This is serious. The gentleman who was killed in this latest incident had a gun and knew how to use it; even so, he was still killed. So what does that say about other Vincentians who do not own or have techniques to protect their lives when it matters most?