The news has raised alarming eye brows around the world of a toddler in China eroneously wandering across th treet an being ran over by oncoming traffic. It is now confirmed that the child died as a result of the injuries sustained in that fateful incident.

How is it possible that the drivers of the vehicles that ran over the infant did not see the child? Even more frightening is the inexplicable response of pedestrians and passers-by who passed the injured child lying helplessly in the busy street. Some persons actually walked right over the distressed child as if she were nothing but an inanimate obstacle in the pathway.

Is this the way China really treats it citizens and its children? I was of the opinion that such “accidents” were only the art work of the Hollywood studios for pure entertainment purposes. But the fact that a child can be run down in broad daylight multiple times indicates that the world or human societies are not that far removed from the animal kingdom. The Chinese authorities have not been noted as addressing this inhumane treatment of a human being. This is hopefully not some Chines drivers way of saying that they want a reduction in their country’s population. We have to remember that more than a quarter of the people on earth are repotedly living in China.