It is a dream come true for students fortunate to be accepted at the Bolton St Catherines Academy in Bolton, Greater Manchester, for the new academic year. Qualifying students will gain an education beyond just the realm of academia.

The institution is putting its students in the driver’s seat as it provides driving lessons at no cost whatsoever. It is hoped that by offering this service, students will have fewer financial overheads while gaining a useful life skill in the process.

Among the top priorities of young people is often the goal of getting a driver’s license. That goal is being brought to fruition in this case. Undoubtedly, the students will be motivated to be at school and to push their work. Given the rising costs of learning to drive, the opportunity offered by St Catherines is really a diamond in a hay stack. Such a move may also be a turning point in the marketing and provision of tertiary and post tertiary education in developing countries.