Summer is the travel season. Thousands are packing up and heading to never before seen places in anticipation of an adventure. Well, for a French lady, embarking on such a trip proved to be a journey of no return.

Like many of us in the public service, Stephanie Foray longed to get away from the routines of her daily job. She started her vacation since last November and was in Sri Lanka and India.

She then went to Malaysia. Apparently, Stephanie was in search of the ultimate vacation experience. But the old saying is “be careful what you wish for”.

While on her stint in Malaysia the adventurous thirty year old went across the waters to the nearby island of Tioman.

She was never seen again.

Stephanie allegedly had a drinking partner while on Tioman island. Her thirty six year old drinking friend, Asni, must have been intoxicated by more than the glass of wine. Asni asked Stephanie for sex and when she would not give him the sex, Asni turned the wine bottle into a murder weapon.

Is this another reason alcohol is bad for one’s health?