It is hard to believe that the Libyan rebels in Libya are fighting against Gaddafi’s reign which began in the late 60s. That is years before I was born. And I have been around a while. That means that generations would have born and died, grown up and moved away. set roots and uproot their lives, and Gaddafi would have been in power all that time.

No people in any nation of the world should allow any one leader, or any one regime, to hold the reigns of government for such lifelong periods. It is just criminal. Can you imagine the number of opportunities for equal growth and nation wide progress in Libya that have gone to nought over the decades that this colonel has ruled the territory.

It is good that the Arab world is beginning to take charge of its future, and of course its present, through its ordinary citizens who are saying enough is enough. Each of these countries that is experiencing a people driven revolution must be guided into implementing seeds of democracy that will begin to blossom into free and fair elections every five years.

A constitution must be drafted; many of the rebels in Libya who have been involved in this historic conflict should be at the centre of such a nationally controlled project. There are many lives which have been lost and still many others displaced or ruined because of the Gaddafi reign over the years. It is time to act and so put legislative regulatory mechanisms in place to ensure that history does not repeat itself.

I am especially delighted to hear of the capture of two of Gaddafi’s sons. It reminded me right away of two sons of another dictator, Saddam Hussein. At least Gaddafi’s sons are still alive. He should be smart and relinquish power right away and get back his sons as part of his demitting office.

Even though I live a world away from Libya I have also been impacted by actions, policies and relationships that the Libyan government has engendered over the years. In 1988 our Christmas was sent spiralling into national gloom when we learned that one of our top local artistes was blown to shreds when Pan Am flight 103 became the fatal target of an explosive device, a bomb. You may know this incident as the Lockerby Bombing.

We mourned.

We also need to send a message to leaders of our various countries that even though they may be in leadership now, the country is not their personal asset and as such they must not get too comfortable ruling the country. Every citizen has just as many rights to play a role in determining their country’s future as much as the political leaders of the day.

We have to also look at the Syrian situation. The government there seems to me to be just boldface and out-of-place. It refuses to accept that its many citizens are being hurt, misplaced or killed.

All eyes are on Libya now. I hope that suitable democratic frameworks can be put in place after all this is over with the positive result of  a Gaddafi’s demise by the Libyan rebels.