The University of Georgia recently released information that showed a direct link between the dumping of human sewage into the ocean and the destruction of coral in the marine world. I guess that it is the established practice of countries to make the ocean the final resting place of the stool defecated from the human world.

The statistics must be staggering when you think of the  many tons of wastes deposited by each island in the archipelago. So when you add it all up, the ocean must be reeling from the sheer stench and impact of the toxic refuse

It has been said that the sea cleanses itself and that it never becomes full; however, when the Caribbean and North America first started flushing their wastes to the ocean it is almost certain that people were eating much healthier foods and were generally dying of natural causes.

Now, with the proliferation of chemicals and genetically modified food being ingested in record timing, the wastes from such a people must also surely reflect their dietary complications which can be often deadly. We must find a healthier and environmentally friendly way of ridding ourselves of our bodily solid waste.

Some time ago there were two occasions when scores of dead fish were washing up on the shores across the Lesser Antilles. To this day, no conclusive reason has been put forward as to the exact cause of such mysteriously frightening events.

Over time the cumulative effects of the dumped sewage in our blue waters must have some spill off effects. The ocean is a world by itself and everything there is part of a perfectly harmonious environment. When we put our faeces into that mix the balance is sure to change. Do you realize that all the wastes from patients, whatever their health status, warded at general hospitals and public institutions are dumped in the Caribbean Sea?

human waste threatens scenes like this

 So the next time you are enjoying a nicely done fish sandwich or fish lunch, remember that not too long ago your food was probably swimming in the waters polluted by the stool of the folks who were in the hospital a while back but are six feet under now. I wonder what was the last thing that fish consumed before taking the fisherman’s bait.