Whenever it is only one person who is going to get the prize the result will always be competition. The use of search engines to rank the sites and content of all available websites is probably the most competitive industry on the planet today. And now the race seems to be on to see which site owner can outdo all the others.

And this is proving to be a huge money-making enterprise. That reality is a very sad development for those Internet users who just want to know what is out there. It is said that this is the information age yet persons who surf the net almost always miss many interesting and influential sites all because the search engines method of ranking the top three or so sites only gives the top spots to those sites that has the most viral recommendations.

Put simply, the Internet as it operates through search engines such as Google, really lead users to the POPULAR sites and NOT THE BEST SITES. And given all the technology available today, that shows something is dreadfully wrong with the integrity or reputable search results. Yes, after a many years it is possible that a site could very well be recommended and linked by many persons who rate it as good. But most of these people who grow to love a website only do so after they stumble upon that site.

It is a disadvantageous practice from the Internet not to return as a top search a website that is brand new but which has just as good a content quality as those sites in the top 3 returned search.

It is high time that the Internet and search engine results provide users with new websites or those that may be isolated or virally undiscovered. Those websites deemed “unpopular” by the search engines are those websites that offer the users of the Internet the most quality, relevant, useful and positively life changing or life helping information.

As bloggers for example, we have to be weary of the growing spam messages promising to add plugins and SEO miracle tricks that guarantees a lot of traffic. But in the same spam message you are being told that your site is unpopular or unknown compared to the “popular ones”.

Well, if that was the case how is it the sender of the spam message found your site in the first place? Then even more obnoxious and obtuse is the insult to your intelligence with the realization that the spam sender is not so much concerned about helping you generate more popularity on the Internet. No! The sender is actually advertising  a product such as an SEO plugin that cost an arm and a leg.

It is interesting that the Google folks have said that no one can guarantee a top rank in the searches. If these unscrupulous people were concerned about the promotion of your website they would offer you one or two online ads that are just as persuasive as those they posted to make money for themselves.

While WordPress has hundreds of thousands of bloggers do bloggers have any guarantee that the traffic to their sites aren’t being turned on and off by WordPress to give a nudge in the direction of responding to spam messages to spend hard-earned money on seo plugins and other fly by night technologies which is only guaranteed to make money for the seller?

The Internet, just like the physical world, is not a level platform. But it is not so much the owners of sites being rated as success or failures based on a popularity contest; it is the robbing and deprivation of requested information from users by search engines that is the real failure in the viral sphere.