The summer of 2011  will most certainly be recorded as one with several upheavals in groups protests or out right violence. In a matter of weeks it will be ten years since the terrorist attacks in New York. The world entered a new phase after that. It has been similar to our very rural communities where our older generations will tell of days long gone when they would leave their houses unlocked, clothes on the lines outside and go into the city or the mountains/farms. There was no fear; on their return everything was as they left it. The only difference might be that the clothes were taken up and brought inside by their neighbours after a real or perceived threat of rain.

Today, people keep their homes locked even while they are inside. Such has the open freedom of our civilizations changed over the last few decades. It is a sad realization that as the western world pushes forward with innovations designed to make for a better standard of living, we are gaining more physical assets of high quality but we are losing our priceless ability to be in free safe, free, happy and worthwhile relationships with each other.

That is a tragedy.

What is the price of our 21st century age of technology and general knowledge? There are young people and adults among us who are losing their assurance of their self-worth and acceptance within the very society where they live. A very real divide is growing everyday between the haves and the have-nots.  Yes, it starts with material possessions, but it does not end there. It is said that we are what we own. Those who own little or own nothing are being made to feel that they have somehow failed to reach the minimum mandatory standard necessary to be considered a human being.

That is the highly flammable substance that is being ignited all across the planet. We saw its effects in London, We saw its effects in Philadelphia. We are seeing its effects in Trinidad where policemen are walking off their jobs. We are seeing its effects in Israel where the citizens are recognizing the politicians are very removed and disconnected from the feelings and hurts they are facing (and I don’t mean the struggle against the Palestinians).

Like wildfire, scores of young people and hopeless older persons are silently coming together to literally destroy what most of us appreciate as a “civilized society”. While a tiny percentage of people put their lives together, a larger silent majority are living like lab rats in a maze. And they are getting very fed up of such a cyclical futile existence.

No established traditional leadership in the forms of governments or institutions seem to be able to understand what is going on. In London, the prime minister was cautioned that just arresting thousands of is citizens will not solve the problem: how can a person take advantage of an opportunity to destroy his own village at the first available opportunity?

We have the wrong definition of what makes for human progress and development.

What is the sense having  all of the modern quality goods and services when in the same process  we are also breeding among ourselves a deadly form of real human cancer that is destroying us from within?