Philadelphia Police Pick up a Teen breaking the 9pm curfew

Last night was a historic occasion that marked a crossing of the Rubicon where government involvement in looking after children is concerned. In a move that has raised some eye brows the city of brotherly love is taking measures to save its teenagers. It seems that many of the parents are unwilling or unable to keep their teens under control.

Unfortunately, the majority of the children who have been congregating by using social media communication services are of black ethnicity. The mayor of Philadelphia, himself a black man, is fed up of the rowdy and antisocial behaviour of teens on the streets.

So what happens to the children who are out after hours?

Their first detention will see them being sent or taken home; in lieu of that they will be taken to the police station where their parents or legal guardians must pick them up. The children can also be fined anywhere between $100 and $300 on the first incident. If there is no involvement by the parents in a relatively short time then the matter will be investigated by the Department of Human Services.
But the parents are also being held accountable for their children’ or wards malpractice. The parents may be called upon to pay a fine of anything below $500. If their children continue to be out late at nights then the parents will be imprisoned for ninety days. And, of course, any damage or injury caused by their children while out after hours will be paid or settled by the parents.

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At last somebody has the grit to do something to save the future. I look forward to such a practice by the law enforcement in my country.