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It is a crime that was once regarded as unthinkable.

But on just the third day of classes in the first week of the new academic year law enforcement officials were called to a high school in Memphis, Tennessee and there they found a dead female on the floor in one of the classrooms.

Dead is the principal of the institution who would have seen her fiftieth year alive on her next birthday.Taken to police quarters for questioning was a seventeen year old male student. That happened on Wednesday August 10. By yesterday, August 11, the student was indeed charged for the murder of his principal.

According to law enforcement officials, the student said that the principal made him angry. He had a chance to be alone with her and so he killed the lady, who leaves her husband and offspring grief-stricken.This incident is just the deadly “lava” that has risen from deep within the pressurized plates of a modern education system that is unable more and more to reach and adequately help a growing number of at risk youths.

The situation is much more volatile in other parts of the world. Those persons in the classrooms  will tell you that often it is like signing up to be an animal trainer. The educator is left on his or her own in the confines of the classroom with many varieties of potentially unstable personalities who often find it difficult to balance the broken domestic situations in their lives.The professionally pedagogical approach used to prepare instructors for today’s classrooms needs to be revisited, and in some instances, revamped.

It makes no sense trying to reach the many unstable youths of today with the naive methods of yesteryear. That in itself sends an often silently loud message to students of the disconnect between what goes on in the classroom and what obtains in their reality zones after the last bell is rung.I shall have further analysis of the education process in future posts.

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