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Summer is the time of year when many families pack up and take to the road for their get away vacation. Many others travel as part of their summer package of fun be it at camps or visiting other relatives.

The adventures of summer usually last a life time.

Three siblings of the Dougherty family have recently took to the roads and highways of the states to redefine summer fun. The brother and sister, along with a half-brother were fulfilling a childhood fantasy that most of us adults entertained, if only briefly, while we were growing up. It was the classical tale of police and thieves.

What happened on the streets of Florida through Colorado was no movie set. There was non-stop action. At one time the mother of the siblings even went on television to appeal to her children to give themselves up. One of them replied with the words: “There is a time for each of us to die.” I guess that is a family to die for.

The daughter had posted her “dating pitch” to potential future mates: she said she loves to create mayhem and shoot guys! Hmmm. Does anyone have a death wish?

While on their mobile adventure, the trio allegedly robbed a bank, shot at a police officer and was constantly the target of high speed chases which eventually ended in their capture.It is a rarely seen situation where brothers and sisters will join in running a foul of the law. Normally, one would expect that one of the siblings will convince the others to refrain from becoming outlaws. However, the young Dougherty gang  gained national news coverage and youthful notoriety.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so you can view the video below. It might take the usual few seconds to load but it is indeed quite coherently informative and relevant.

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