It has been just about a month since Ashford Daniel Writes is being populated throughout the Internet. I am really touched by the early comments and feedback that I have received from you, my readers. No writing is of any value without a captive audience and so I take your visits and reading of my posts  as  very symbiotically incontrovertible.

Yet the marathon is still in its beginning stages. Almost every day I become aware of some area of focus I believe necessitates being in the blogosphere. The impact of taxes such as VAT, the Western growing liberal views on same-sex relationships and their consequential spill offs on our next generation, the “spinning tap in mud” reruns of our Caricom leaders, socio-economic push factors on marijuana and illicit drugs in Caribbean societies,  life as experienced on the battlefield in some of the world’s most deadly combat zones, a realistic analysis of the effectiveness of our education system, unlocking the reasons for a proliferation of tattoos on the bodies of our teenagers and youthful population, and the list goes on…

As each post is published I feel confident that all who reads will be that bit more empowered to feel confident that they can begin to take pragmatic steps, no matter how small, which will trigger a  tsunami of positive changes in the world around them. After all, readers are world changers.

Ashford Daniel