One of the laws of success and ultimate self-actualization is to identify and keep in mind your long term goal(s). As any one of us continues along life’s earthly journey, we have opportunities and moments to celebrate various degrees of accomplishments.

It is at such times that we may feel quite satisfied with ourselves and our past efforts. And why not? Most of us worked really hard to get to where we are; however, we must also not forever rest in the successes of yesterday and accept the comfort they give to us today thereby forfeiting the bigger and better successes of tomorrow.

The purposeful individual has to always be aware of his or her own personal claim to the finer things in life that may obscure the brilliance of future productivity. There are possessions, persons, places and possibilities that may be present in our lives that do make us feel positive about ourselves. Such present day realities are but the scenery along our path to the final destination.

If you examine the word “destination” you will see that it is inflected from the word “DESTINY.

When a person keeps his or her destiny at the front of the mind then it becomes easier to begin to let go of often pleasant and enjoyable possessions, feelings or symbiotic relationships.

There are comfort zones in life that when we remain there we are killing our future dreams or the best future we would have had.

Many persons look back in their lives and realize that back then they would never have been able to imagine that their future would be so fulfilling and successful; however, they were prepared to stay true to their overall purpose and stay on that course.

The easiest way is not always the best way and so today it might very well be easier to accept the happiness or privileges you enjoy from your situations but doing so may not produce the permanent daily joy that you need.

Moreover, if one is unprepared to let go of the present day gratifying circumstances then one will also be pierced with many death-blows as the treasured gratification-suppliers are inevitably snatched from one’s life through the passage and changes of time.

It boils down to a rather simple explanation: give up comforting situations today so that you will have lasting joy tomorrow, or, hold on to present day comforts but suffer in the future.

It will be good for you to remember that others even now are choosing to let go of what they can’t keep in any case. If they are being that wise, so can you.