A woman arrested for drugging her husband before cutting off his penis and throwing it into the garbage disposal was angry about an impending divorce.

Now, this is the kind of headline that makes you go “WHAT?!”

But it is true. The incident took place last Monday July 11, 2011. The norm of sexual grievances has been often perpetrated by men against women, but here is a rare occasion–rare in terms of reporting at least, where the female gender is the culprit.

I want us to consider the rationale behind the wife’s actions. The couple, living in the California area of the USA were married for a couple of years. They seemed to have been getting along quite nicely. But, as in the case of every relationship, including marriages, there must have been underlying growing resentment.

The particular reasons for the husband applying for the divorce are not public just yet, but it is clear that the wife felt that if she wasn’t to have her man anymore then neither should any other woman.

Being in any relationship calls for continuous self-adaptations. Often times one party has unspoken expectations that are not taken as much by the other party. The issue of sex is one of these critical areas of silent unfulfilled expectations.

It may very well be that the couple in question was having sex every night or on an established routine that the man, since it is his sex that got castrated, couldn’t keep up with.

I can also hear my female readers saying that the wife may have done this because of some act of infidelity on behalf of the man. But my argument with that is that if that were the case then it would have been the woman who would have initiated the divorce proceedings. Women often do not hesitate to do this.

Remember the Tiger Woods and Arnold Schwarzenegger affairs?

I have to also input here that the wife, after putting the toxic chemical into her husbands dinner, tied him up when he was incapacitated. The confused husband awoke to find himself strapped to the bed with his wife getting to his penis.

It was the same wife who called the police and told them on their arrival, “He deserve it.”

There has been several instances like this where men have had their lovers take it out on their sex organs. And one will often hear women saying that whenever they are upset with their partner, the first thing to be affected is the halting of sex.

It seems, too, that when this does not suffocate the man that it becomes needful to strike him where it hurts most.

You notice that as young people as well, whenever a woman is in an altercation with a man, she always goes grabbing after the man’s genitals?

So the question I want to leave with you is this: Are our men really safe within their loving relationships, particularly when the female half is nursing an emotional wound?

The lady in this case is back in court on the 22nd. Readers will be kept posted right here.

via Mail Online.