There is an age old tug of war going on in each of us  between our purposeful intent or made up decisions and our feelings, intentions or wants. It seems that life would be so much easier for us if this conflict didn’t exist.

Indeed, I woke up this morning remembering how delightfully happy I was in the childhood years when the onslaught of puberty and hormonal fireworks were not on the radar. So why as adults are we bombarded by feelings and often debilitating emotions of fear, inadequacy, inferiority and worthlessness?

It seems to me that the human being is created such a profoundly complex and powerful creature destined for successful dominion of his environment that he has to learn an early lesson:

 one cannot conquer the world before first conquering oneself.

Let me state this another way. If a person does not learn how to take permanent and decisive charge over the inner feelings which are running counter clockwise to his dreams and aspirations then he will not be able to remove or overcome the external obstacles and challenges in the environment.

This is a mystery of man’s supreme existence. that even though something is within you (i.e, feelings) it is not necessarily working on your side with your best interest.

And I believe this is so in order that as humans we may learn the ultimate lesson of trusting what is not in us or trusting what we cannot see or feel to arrive at destiny’s home base.

A ship being tossed about by the waves does not have an anchor that works by dropping it on the ship itself. In such a case the anchor will be useless because the anchor is resting on something that is in the same condition as the anchor. It is like people in an airplane grabbing hold of their seats when the plane is dropping during turbulence. Holding on to the seat is useless, Why? The seat that you are holding on to is in the same plane that is falling. So the seat is falling too!

That is why the ship’s anchor is thrown OUTSIDE  the ship on a  STABLE, DEPENDABLE, UNMOVING surface.

I am saying, then, that as a human being, I must be aware of the false reality of my own feelings and not “throw away the bone for the shadow” by leaving the stable anchor of my life and soul for an inner feel-good anchor.

Stop making decisions based on what easily makes you feel good.  Life on earth is a temporary assignment that is to be completed. And, no matter how varied that assignment is, every human has what it takes in them to rise above deceptive feelings and fear and overcome.

In fact, the common denominator for every life on earth is this one thing—to overcome!

Whoever you are, wherever you are coming from, wherever you are going, your only job each day is to overcome one day at a time.

Every day you awake that is God saying to you, “I have not given up on you! My Son died to set you free and to give you power over your fears and feelings of failure! Take yourself up from the ashes! Get up and live! Go fulfil your destiny!”

Now, if God the Father has not given up on you, why then should you give up on yourself?

Conquering and subjecting  your feelings to you is the first step and your first victory in the war of reaching your created potential or destiny.

If the world didnt give you your potential and abilities to overcome, then do not let the world take that away from you.