The beginning of summer takes me back to a long lost, almost forgotten holiday period when I was a child. Oh, I must have been age 9 or thereabouts. Anyway, being home from school, my mother sent me to the shop. Although I can’t remember exactly what the sopping list was, I know it wasn’t the usual bread—which was bought on evenings—so it probably was chicken, or something essential to the mid-day pot.

Two unforgettable things happened on this trip. The first was that, as I reached Evesham just outside the shop then operated by Mrs Delplesche, the most terribly noisy thunder pealed across the heavens. Actually, the thunder seemed to actually peel back the sky as one might do a curtain during a staged performance.

I remember that the umbrella that I was using to shelter the drizzling rain almost took flight from my bony hand. In fact, I clearly remember literally jumping off the ground. If it were possible for a person to jump out of their skin, I would have shed mines right then and there.

I wanted to cry, being so frightened: but I didn’t shed a tear; I refused to let the strange grown ups around see me cry. Thinking about it now, I am pretty sure those grown ups were just as frightened as I was and would probably have wanted to be indoors to run under the bed and “bawl”.

Anyway, I went down to the Forde shop. I must pause as I remember the Forde couple—both senior citizens, both now deceased—slowly moving about behind the counter of this childhood shop.

When I got back home mommy took a song book and started to sing and teach me a song I will always remember. She must have known that I was terrified being on the road with such a powerfully loud thunder.

The words, and voice of my mother’s singing are still echoing in my ears even to this day:

“I am so glad that my Father in heaven

Tells of His love in the book He has written

Wonderful things in the Bible I see

This is the dearest that Jesus loves me

I am so glad that Jesus loves me

Jesus loves me

Jesus loves me

I am so glad that Jesus loves me

Jesus loves even me!”

This was one of the few moments I know that mommy and I were able to share a quality moment bonding as mother and son. It is only now after mommy herself is in heaven and I am all grown and a pilgrim on earth, that I appreciate the significance of having Jesus’ love as I face this earthly life on my own.

My mother breathed into my inner being and spirit the comforting truth that my real Father, provider, caretaker, Creator, helper is in heaven and does love me.

I have come to realize that God’s love is characterized by His made up mind to always help, forgive and be there. Unfortunately, humans look at how other human beings try to “love” them and then they want to define God’s love as they have experienced  the heart breaking love of man.

But that is a big mistake. We have it twisted!

Instead of judging God and His love based on the failed love of man, we should really get to know God’s in- spite- of- it- all love and in turn love our fellow man as God loves us.

Up until a few years ago when my mommy’s song was sung in church, I never ever heard it; I used to often wonder if I had imagined that song because no-one else anywhere seemed to know it.

But when it was sung in church recently, all the precious memories came flooding my emotional being.

You know, I have been blessed to have had a mother who was able to impart a seed of faith to me in the growing years so that now I can rest assured that Jesus doesn’t give up on anyone, so I cant give up either.

But what about the numerous children who come of age today and don’t realize who their real helper and hope is?

It is a frightening thought and so many live without the Saviour’s love and their whole life is a sleep walking exercise.

I want somebody to know and say to themselves in the often darkened path of earth’s journey, that “JESUS LOVES EVEN ME!”