by Ashford Daniel

Vincy Carnival every year is a showcasing of the much promoted talents and cultural diversity and unique activities that have defined our Vincentian identity in the Caribbean.

The up and coming Vincentian young generation wants to party; however, they are not satisfied with the cool and mellow ways their forerunners had their fetes.

While they have kept the use of alcohol and late nights activities, they are also focusing heavily on one motivational karma: SEX.

The artistes in particular are producing very explicit sexual songs that leaves nothing to the imagination as the saying goes. They have maximized the use of pun as their literary tool.

One probably cannot blame the artistes solely .Ask the singers why they make these songs and you will ultimately hear: “It is what the people want.”

So, whereas we had the much anticipated social commentary several year ago. today’s revellers have little idea or interest in calypso much less the social commentary genre.

We have soca and all things “wave and wine” in the air waves, and this year it is loudly sexual.

Former calypsonian Godwin Augustus Oliver (GAO) has returned after a soufriere type dormancy to awake the Vincentian populace with a much taboo item of an abominable sort.

He pokes fun at the religious denominations and followers of Christ by stating that a “preacher man” some time ago “jump de sheep”. This is a Vincentian idiom for having sex with.

The song is given non-stop air play. The imagery of such worthless acts are being reinforced in the minds of all, particularly the vulnerable.

Then there is a song that owes its lines to a near fatal natural disasters in the north eastern side of the country—Georgetown—to be precise.

After a freak storm, much of the community was impassable as heavy rains literally brought down tons of heavy trees and mud into the residential areas, damaging much of the infrastructure.

Now, Vincentians are frantically jumping to the idea that “Georgetown full ah wood.”

This is using another Vincentian expression of wood which is a metaphor for the male sexual organ.

Another song reiterates that the girls want big sticks (again punning on the idea of wood) not small sticks. The audience is clearly understanding the implied meaning of girls wanting large penises for their sexual gratification as opposed to small sticks or small penises.

Another of this year’s songs echoes a call from a frustrated male home owner who wants to eliminate some rats. His solution? He wants “a pussy cat.”

This is a direct pun again on the word pussy and cat which are both use in our Vincentian vernacular to represent the female sex organs.

Now, the artistes and supporters will inevitably say that the songs are just literal compositions and mean what the words say.

But I challenge any artiste to make a song with a slightly combined imagery from two of the above “innocent” songs.

Since our men are among the best carpenters who use varying categories of furniture which comes from, you guessed it, wood, then sing about the male home owner who is physically strong enough to use the wood to kill the rats.

Why won’t this be sung?

I rest my case!