The earth is a busy place: birds in flight, land animals, water creatures in the deep and of course, some seven billion two-legged masters over them called humans. With so many activities happening at once all across the earth, we never pay much attention to the single most important fact that the one planet is home to us all.

Sometime ago I paused and looked at the skies. I said to myself, “This is the same sun and moon that countless generations before would have seen rising and setting.

When Shakespeare wrote his plays, he too would have looked at this same sun and heavenly bodies.

So, too, when Alexander Bell first tested the telephone he depended on this same physical sun for his daylight.

The Wright brothers made their first half-minute flight under a brilliantly shining sun.

In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Was it not this same sun that shone him to our Caribbean island homes?

The sun does not fade; the moon does not give up on circling the earth.

What would happen if the earth decides one day it is tired revolving  or rotating?

These heavenly bodies are critical to our survival and fortunately they keep doing their same mundane duties 24-7.

Each of us is expected to live just a few short decades, yet we so easily classify important activities as “boring” or “dead-end”.

The season of success is not determined so much as by other people’s approval as it does the on the purposefulness of the individual.

If a person keeps persevering at something, the only result is going to be success.

How many times you have been trying or how many more times you have to try you can be sure that the sun and moon have done their jobs millions of times more.

One will respond that the sun and moon are inanimate. That may be true. Have you considered what’s inside each of us? The heart is a little thought about organ that beats an average of 72 times per minute.

You may take the time to calculate the number of times your heart must beat for  you to experience one day. This year, you will celebrate another birthday. How many have you seen now? Did your heart sever stopped and complain that it is fed up beating within you?

There is no force greater than the power of a made up mind!

Make up your mind today that your days on earth are quickly passing. Soon we will be seen as “ancestors” rather than “descendants”.

If the sun, moon and human heart can do it, why can’t you continue to continue on your path to your own success.